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TUG Office
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 11:26:54 -0700

Here's a look at the final(?) copy.  Any comments?
My only comment is that if Dante doesn't order 2000 (like last year) and 
others decide
to manufacture elsewhere, the cost per copy goes up.  .58 is based on an 
order of 5000-9999 copies.
Last years order = 6500.  Next rate is .69 (2500-4999 copies).  FYI - this 
may not be an issue.
Just thought you should know.
I'd like to send it Friday 6/2 morning (or this afternoon if someone says "Go")

From: (TeX Live 5c)

Subject: TeX Live 5c available for ordering

TeX Live 5c is almost ready! It has a runnable system for major Unix
variants (SGI, Sun, IBM, Compaq, HP), Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows 32
(Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000) systems. It also has an archive of emTeX
(for Windows 3.1 or OS/2 users), but no Macintosh version (due to
licensing restrictions). GNU Ghostscript 5.50 and Gnu Emacs are
included, along with many other useful utilities.

The TeX Users Group has arranged with Sebastian Rahtz, the editor of the
TeX Live CD-ROM, to act as the distributor of TeX Live 5c, the 2000
release of TeX Live. In doing so, TUG aims to support Sebastian's
heroic efforts in creating this CD and to provide it at nominal cost to
TeX users worldwide.

Great care has been taken to ensure that the TeX Live 5c CD contains only
software without restrictions on usage or redistribution.  Specifically we have
followed the "Debian Free Software Guidelines" 
and have included license information on the CD-ROM in a file labeled 
TeX Live 5c contains full sources for all programs and packages for those who
wish to see how it was put together or experiment with modifications.

The manufacturing date of TL5c will be June/July 2000.  We expect to mail
the CD to you shortly thereafter.  TUG can offer TeX Live to your user 
group at a
cost of US$0.58 per copy, and will absorb the shipping cost. If this price 
is infeasible
for your group, please contact us to work out an arrangement.

We cannot determine the shipping cost until we know the quantity each
group or individual orders. Our research indicates that DHL specializes in 
shipping and is the recommended shipper by the company copying the CD's. On 
the office will provide you with the appropriate bill number so you can 
track the shipment
on the appropriate website.

Finally, your response is requested: please respond to
as soon as possible with your desired quantity, even if that quantity is
zero. Please also inform us if your country requires any special
customs arrangements, if you have a preferred courier service, or other
such shipping arrangements.

TUG may be able to fulfill repeat orders if you run out, but please
don't count on this: order as many as you think you will need for the
entire year. Unfortunately we can't afford to hold a large stock in reserve.

Thanks, and happy TeX'ing,