TeX Users Group renewal for 2000

jett@us.ibm.com jett@us.ibm.com
Fri, 7 Jan 2000 10:05:50 -0500

Dear Tom,

Thanks for your note. I agree that the value of the CDs is high compared to
the cost of membership, and hope that we can continue to increase the value
to our members every year. I am copying your note to the TeXLive committee
for consideration. Thanks for the suggestion.

Have a great year, and thanks for your support of TUG!


Mimi Jett
techexplorer Evangelist
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"Thomas H. Barton" <thbarton@home.com> on 01/07/2000 02:09:50 AM

To:   "Mimi Jett, TUG President" <president@tug.org>
Subject:  Re: TeX Users Group renewal for 2000

Dear Mimi,

Many thanks for your email dated 6 January. I have just renewed by email,
isn't life convenient!

The TeX Live CD-ROM alone is worth the money.
For a little while I had a mysterious printout error until I realized that
it was set for European size paper. Perhaps a more prominent notice to this
effect would help. (Or even, gilding the lily, make it and option at
installation time.)

I find the CTAN CD-ROMS to be useful, more convenient than navigating
through the Web sites.

All the best,

Tom Barton