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Staszek Wawrykiewicz
Sat, 26 Feb 2000 04:39:24 +0100 (MET)

Bernard Korites wrote:

> I installed TEX Live 4 and ran the TEX Shell from Windows 98. I did the
> following from the Shell options:
> ...
> Preview
> at this point, nothing happened. There was no preview.

First, please remember that TeXshell is an _additional_ (free!) program,
and should be somehow configured and explored by the user.
Reading the program help and configuring TeXShell would be recomended.
As concerned `Previev' option of TeXshell, please check
Options->Program Calls->DVI previewer. It should something like:
 windvi "%P%F.dvi"
Remove -i option, if it exists (it was simple mistake when preparing
TL4, sorry).

> (2)how do I print a dvi file. I have an HP laserjet printer. There are
>    no print commands on the shell.
On TL4 there are dvijl*.exe for printing a dvi file. If you use TeXshell,
you should adding your own menu item for the proper printer (there are 
several programs for different HP laser jet printer models, see 
As you can, perhaps, include some graphics in your file, the best advice 
would be using GSview and previewing and printing from this program.

> I have some other more general questions:
> (3)What version of Latex is used by TEX Live 4.
Check your .log file. It will display the version of LaTeX used.
Since LaTeX is changed every half a year, TeX Live 4 uses the last version
available when preparing the CD. 

> (4)When I try running it from DOS, it says TEX, not Latex. Which is it?
??? You mean running from DOS box under Windows9x/NT, or something else...
Please consider that your DOS box under Windows9x/NT means that you have
something like `the command line' for the 32-bit system, and thanks for
it (hopefuly) you can: 
1. change the local directory to do something; 
2. run programs with some parameters
The Dos box (windowed or full screen) works (again hopefuly ;-) similar
as xterm on the most `normal' systems like Unix or Linux.

Some words to the TeX Live team (excuse Bernard): we have such questions
rather frequent, so we have to stress in documentations all the subtleties
concerned Win32.

Staszek Wawrykiewicz