Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau@supelec.fr
22 Feb 2000 09:36:02 +0100

* Staszek Wawrykiewicz <StaW@gust.org.pl> writes:

> Thanks for fptex-0.4alpha3.

> Comments below concerns mostly documentation

> ---- dvipsk.zip contains: texmf/doc/manpages/afm2tfm.dvi dvips.dvi
> ======== ???  I think, this should go just to texmf/doc/dvips/ ----

Dvips.dvi is the dvi manpage for dvips.1 (am I wrong ?) 

> fptex docs are missing

Yes, and they would need some rewriting.

> ---- windvi.zip does not contain windvi docs in html format (only

Same as fptex doc : they are generated at the same place in my build
tree. I'm still working on the texsetup.exe program, but I hop that
next week most of this will be sorted out. I have one whole free week
to work on this.

> ---- texmf/doc/html/manpages/ should contain index.html (I mean at

I used to generate one. I will reintroduce it.

> The only problem with automatically generated html files are parts
> `See Also': ;-) <H2><A NAME="sect15" HREF="#toc15">See Also
> </A></H2> <B><A HREF=".man.c..man.c">X</B>(1)</A> , <B><A
> HREF=".man.c..man.c">dvips</B>(1)</A> , <B>Kpathsea</B>documentation

> If we have stable html/manpages/ I can ask somebody to do the
> corrections, OK?

I'll have a look at this. Maybe perl can automate the process ?

> ---- About last mails: what do you plan texsetup do?  -- it will
> make local directory?  -- with configuration files or without it?

For the moment, texsetup is intended to install programs on your
machine with the following configuration _by default_ :

root dir :
c:/Program Files/TeX
(maybe we should stick to c:/TeX ?)

Modify environment :
TEXLIVE=c:/Program Files/TeX

Build a texmf.local tree in %TEXLIVE%/texmf.local

Copy/edit texmf.cnf to texmf.local/web2c/texmf.cnf
HOMETEXMF will be added if HOME is set or under NT (but frankly, I'd
prefer not to deal with HOMETEXMF under Windows !)

mktex.cnf will be edited to reflect the mfmode and bdpi of the
default printer, and the use of varfonts.

Copy (maybe edit) various configuration files : dvips/config/config.ps,
pdftex/config/pdftex.cfg, tex4ht configuration file to $TEXMFLOCAL

These are the default values, but you can customize various locations.

My goal is that anything in $TEXMFMAIN can be removed/updated from
scratch without loosing the user configuration.

Any other suggestion welcome.

> ---- I found you have added to texmf/bibtex/csf/ files (for
> bibtex8).