Perforce (was divergent web2c+friends sources)

Sebastian Rahtz
Mon, 7 Feb 2000 16:22:20 +0000 (GMT)

I have now set up a Perforce change management system to control the
program sources for the TeX Live CD (not the texmf support tree yet
:-}). Since we are developing free software, the license is free.

If you want to work with this system, get yourself a client program
(for Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac or whatever) from, and point at as the

Perforce have quite a good "10 minute intro" on their site; an even
shorter summary (for the command-line program, p4) would be

$ export
$ p4 client thisisme       # create a new client called thisisme
                           # edit root point to be where you work
$ export P4CLIENT=thisisme
$ p4 sync //depot/Build/source/...  # suck current version of source files
$ p4 edit Build/source/teTeX-1.0/texk/dvipsk/afm2tfm.c # tag file for edit
$ vi  Build/source/teTeX-1.0/texk/dvipsk/afm2tfm.c  # edit it
$ p4 submit        # check it back in

Perforce will worry about what happens if other people also edit the
file. It does not do exclusive locking by default.

As it stands, the system is open. You all have write access. I shall
cut this down in due course.

If any or all of you are willing to give this a try, I'd be very happy.
If/when it settles down, we can get stuck into release branches, and
have synchronize with those.

I'll do my best to help explain any problems, but the Perforce
documentation is pretty sensible.