[tug-pub] Re: TeX Live CD-ROMs for training

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 10:06:04 -0700

Barbara Beeton wrote:
> sebastian:
>     However, I would prefer it if you got the 20 copies from the TUG
>     office. Why make copies if they have stocks?
> peter:
>     Quite so. I'll mail and ask.

You may obtain copies of the CD-ROMs from the TUG office (be sure to copy me
on your request to mailto:office@tug.org so I can expedite your order). The
cost is $1 per CD plus shipping at cost. You can't beat this deal.

> i think this is precisely the kind of use we should encourage, and
> i don't believe it would violate even the restrictions that were
> on some items on the original tex live 4.  (the copies that the
> office has now are 4b, so it's even less of a concern.)

>From my understanding of the licenses (and I believe i can speak
authoritatively on the question---details on request) Peter should either
enroll his course participants in TUG (or other suitable LUG, such as Italic)
or give the CDs away as a perquisite of his training course.

If the latter, Peter, you should ensure that the CD-ROMs are not bundled with
the course as an inducement to take the course. However, I do encourage you to
point out that with TUG (or LUG) membership, TL4 comes with a manual that
covers installation and configuration of the software, and I applaud your plan
to distribute membership application forms at the training course.

If you does either of these two things, then you will be well within the
licensing restrictions of the software on the TeX Live 4 CD. 

Barbara, thank you for encouraging Peter to distribute the TeX Live CD-ROM at
his course. For your reference, though, I would prefer TUG and LUGs to remain
within the restrictions of the requirement to refrain from "bundling as an
inducement for a commercial offering" for the life of TeX Live 4. The 4b
edition has restrictions of its own, and our distribution of TL4b should *not*
be carried out with "less concern" than with TL4a.

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