[tug-pub] Re: [tug-board] state of TeX Live 4

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 15:33:59 -0700

Mimi Burbank wrote:

> the last email we got from art ogawa was some congratulatory note to
> someone - and nothing from him at all since April - about any topic.

I've been reading this list the whole time, I assure you.

> I agree that there must be a better way to run this particular
> railroad - and I truly believe it is through the TUG office.  At least
> we do hear from them now !   (much more often than the tug-pub
> committee list!)
> I suggest that in the future:

I'm sure we can discuss your suggestions, Mimi. Why not post to mailto:tex-live@tug.org?

> I suspect Patricia  is probably on vacation, and turned off her
> computer - which is why the bounced email from her site....
> (or else the entire site is down) ....

Have you looked into this? zimm.ucsf.edu is not her personal computer. Does
your mail bounce when you turn off your PC, Mimi?

> on behalf of the tug-pub committee, whose responsibility it was to
> coordinate this effort, my sincerest apologies to sebastian!

Sorry, Mimi, it was never the responsibility of the TUG Publications Committee
to handle the CDs.

But it's big of you to extend Sebastian an apology anyway. I'm sure he has
enough aggravation in his life as it is, and hearing from TUG India that they
have not received their CDs was quite annoying to him.