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I am forwarding Ross's post to texlive@tug.org.

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Subject: [tug-pub] TeXLive4 irritations
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Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 21:20:34 +1000 (EST)
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Hi Sebastian, and others.

TUGboat+TeXLive4 arrived this week
 (rather a long time getting here, I think, but that's not the problem)

Wouldn't you it, but the executable I really wanted (pdf-TeX)
doesn't work straight off the CD at my site.

For the binaries in:  /cdrom/bin/alphaev5-osf4.0d

landau.mpce.mq.edu.au> pdftex --version
15277:/usr/local/bin/pdftex: /sbin/loader: Fatal Error: cannot map libstdc++.so.2.7.1

The problem is that it's linked to an *old* version of the library.
We have:  /usr/local/lib/libstdc++.a
built from  vers (the latest at GNU is 2.8.x )
The dates on 2.7.1 are from 1996, or so --- many updates behind.

Of course pdfetex has the same problem: 
landau.mpce.mq.edu.au> pdfetex --version
15136:/usr/local/bin/pdfetex: /sbin/loader: Fatal Error: cannot map libstdc++.so.2.7.1

So I checked *every* binary in the distribution for OSF4.0D,
to see if it at least launched.

2 others failed similarly, but for a different library:

landau.mpce.mq.edu.au> lacheck --version
31110:/usr/local/bin/lacheck: /sbin/loader: Fatal Error: cannot map libfl.so
landau.mpce.mq.edu.au> otp2ocp --version
281:/usr/local/bin/otp2ocp: /sbin/loader: Fatal Error: cannot map libfl.so

(We don't have  libfl  compiled at all; so that's for me to fix.)

Also, the  mf  behaves strangely, giving no message at all,
and trying to do something weird:

landau.mpce.mq.edu.au> mf --version
task_create() failed for pid 15310: maxuprc (=64) exceeded for uid 1021.
task_create() failed for pid 15310: maxuprc (=64) exceeded for uid 1021.
task_create() failed for pid 15310: maxuprc (=64) exceeded for uid 1021.

whereas the previous works fine:

landau.mpce.mq.edu.au> mf.old --version
Metafont (Web2c 7.0) 2.718
kpathsea version 3.0
Copyright (C) 1997 D.E. Knuth.
There is NO warranty.  You may redistribute this software
under the terms of the GNU General Public License
and the Metafont copyright.

As for getting pdfTeX working... 

 1. does someone (Mimi B. ?) have a copy of the  libstdc++.so.2.7.1 
    already compiled, that I could copy --- will this work anyway ?

 2. Is it easier to recompile  pdfTeX  from scratch ?
	Where is the source, I couldn't find it on the CD ?

 3. ditch the Alpha and buy a Pentium --- so says Sebastian  ;-)

Of course this begs the question of whether other binaries on TeXLive4
are similarly tied to specific versions of shared libraries,
on other platforms, and will fail to work after installation.

How serious is this likely to be ?