[Fwd: Bulk orders of the TeX Live CDROM]

Bernard GAULLE gaulle@idris.fr
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 12:57:24 +0200

SR> ...I simply
SR> do not understand why a) the original request from GUTenberg seems to
SR> have got lost,

there were misunderstandings... and i received apologizes for that,
so please consider GUTenberg is no more claiming having not been
correctly served; it's looking partly our fault. No more comment.
Item closed.

AO> Bernard, if TUG cannot provide you with TL4 CDs, then I think we can work
AO> things out where your CDs would be provided by ORA-FR. They are set to
AO> manufacture their CDs on about the same time frame as you require.

1) we needed the CD for yesterday! possible date ?
2) I prefer our members received exactly the same CD than other LUG's 
   members and 
3) it's also a financial question and i know nothing about ORA prices.

AO> I'm sure that they would be quite cooperative in the matter, 

i've no reason not to beleive that. A good point is that we would not
have custom taxes for that, but the bad news is that we certainly have
VAT on it...

AO> and I would be
AO> happy to facilitate things for you.

thanks and still waiting to hear from Pat before decision.


PS: is Pat receiving these messages?