[Fwd: Bulk orders of the TeX Live CDROM]

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 03:44:27 -0700

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> ...I simply
> do not understand why a) the original request from GUTenberg seems to
> have got lost,

I found an email from Barbara Storey asking for TL3, dated Jan 1999. Aside
from that, nothing. If anybody can show me an email that we ought to have
received, I can try to investigate further. Lacking that, I have to conclude
that no email was ever sent.

Does anyone actually claim to have sent an order in?

> b) why TUG/Pat seem to be unable to sort out who has copies of the CD

Patricia has CDs, and the TUG office has CDs. Patricia said she would count up
what's on hand to determine whether TUG has enought to provide GUTenberg with
900. I cannot do this myself, because I do not have the CDs on hand. That's
Patricia's job.

Patricia, are you there?

Bernard, if TUG cannot provide you with TL4 CDs, then I think we can work
things out where your CDs would be provided by ORA-FR. They are set to
manufacture their CDs on about the same time frame as you require.

I'm sure that they would be quite cooperative in the matter, and I would be
happy to facilitate things for you.