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Nelson H. F. Beebe
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 09:02:49 -0600 (MDT)

The TeX catalog at

lists this:

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         Nelson Beebe's collection of TeX-related bibliographies and
         BibTeX style files.

                                                        license: unknown (1999/03/03)

** Let it be known forthwith, and henceforth, that the bibliography   **
** archives at                                                        **
**                                                                    **
**                        **
**                         **
**                                                                    **
** (or equivalent forms with ftp://ftp changed to http://www), and    **
** indeed, EVERYTHING found in the tree                               **
**                                                                    **
**                                **
**                                                                    **
** may be freely distributed, mirrored, copied, recorded on           **
** electronic distribution media such as tapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and    **
** other media yet to be invented, UNLESS a specific directory        **
** contains a notice to the contrary. Such a notice applies only to   **
** the contents of that directory, and files and directories below it **
** in the tree.                                                       **

There are currently only a small number of directories in that tree
where files named something like `LICENSE', `COPYRIGHT', or
`copyright' exist, and only ONE (bibsearch: see below) is relevant
to TeX / CTAN / TeX-live distributions.

Even where such files exist, those files will likely give copying
permission, possibly subject to restriction to non-commercial

Other packages of likely interest for TeX-live, CTAN, et al are:
        authidx-1.01.tar.gz     Author/editor indexing
        checksum-1-06.tar.gz    File header checksums
        chkdelim-3.2.tar.gz     Delimiter balance checker
        dw.tar.gz               Doubled-word finder
        epsutil-2.01.tar.gz     Encapsulated PostScript utility
        mi213-beta.tar.gz       Makeindex
        psposter-0.10.tar.gz    PostScript posters
        texpty-0.00.tar.gz      *TeX prettprinter
        tgrind-3.00.tar.gz      PostScript-font-enhanced tgrind (for
                                TeX typesetting of many programming languages)
        bibcheck-0.08.tar.gz    BibTeX bibliography heuristic checker
        bibclean-2.11.4.tar.gz  BibTeX bibliography prettyprinter and lexical analyzer
        bibextract-1.08.tar.gz  BibTeX bibliography subset extractor
        bibjoin-0.08.tar.gz     BibTeX bibliography entry joiner
        biblabel-0.03.tar.gz    BibTeX bibliography citation label generator
        biborder-0.10.tar.gz    BibTeX bibliography keyword orderer
        bibparse-1.04.tar.gz    BibTeX bibliography parser
        bibsort-0.12.tar.gz     BibTeX bibliography entry sorter
        check-bbl.awk           find missing braces for proper nouns in BibTeX files
        filehdr-1.30.tar.gz     Standard file header package
        year-coverage.awk       awk program to produce bibliography coverage
                                statistics for insertion in comment preamble
				of .bib files
        31 packages for GNU Emacs editing support for LaTeX, BibTeX, et al
        htmlpty-1.00.tar.gz     HTML prettyprinter
        man2html-2.02.tar.gz    UNIX manual page to HTML converter
        sp-1.0.1-*.gz           binary distributions of SGML parser
                                (SP version 1.3 releases are in progress)
        awkpretty-1.00.tar.gz   AWK prettyprinter
        archive of 74 BibTeX .bst style files, and accompanying TeX
        and LaTeX style files
        mg.tar.gz               source distribution of Managing
                                Gigabytes database version 1.3 (NB:
                                this package does carry commercial license
        bibsearch-1.02.tar.gz   superfast BibTeX database lookup using mg
        mg-1.3-to-1.3x.patch    patch file to turn mg 1.3 into
                                1.3x for bibsearch
        mg-1.3x.*.tar.gz        binary distributions of mg (NB:
                                this package does carry commercial license

The versions listed are the latest as of Wed Jun 9 08:08:16 1999 MDT
(GMT -0600), but retrievers should always check for later versions.

In most cases, one or more other distribution formats (jar, shar,
zip, zoo) are also available.

Warning: The bibliography archives are large: last night's bibsearch
update reports:

        Last database update: Wed Jun  9 01:53:36 MDT 1999
        Bibliography entries:     234192
        Bibliography lines:      4770759
        Bibliography bytes:    178801251

The bibliographies of particular interest to the TeX community are
likely to be:
        eleccomp.bib    Electronic Composition and Imaging (journal)
        ep.bib          electronic publishing
        epodd.bib       Electronic Publishing---Origin, Dissemination, and Design (journal)
        font.bib        fonts
        gut.bib         Cahier GUTenberg (1988--1991 only)
        gutenberg.bib   Project Gutenberg electronic book bibliography
        litprog.bib     literate programming
        postscrip.bib   PostScript and PDF
        serif.bib       Serif: The Magazine of Type and Typography (journal)
        sgml.bib        books about SGML/HTML/VRML/XML
        texbook2.bib    books typeset with TeX
        texbook3.bib    books about TeX
        texgraph.bib    graphics in TeX
        texjourn.bib    journals using TeX
        texnique.bib    TeXniques (an irregular TUG publication)
        tugboat.bib     TUGboat
        type.bib        typography
        typeset.bib     typography and typesetting
        unicode.bib     Unicode character set

Each .bib file is accompanied by several associated files; for
further details, visit

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