TL4 pack and ORA

Arthur Ogawa
Tue, 08 Jun 1999 01:00:19 -0700

Bernard GAULLE wrote:
> >>>>> On Sat, 05 Jun 1999 08:29:28 -0700,
> >>>>>    Arthur Ogawa <> write about "Re: TL4 pack for GUTenberg":
> AO> The French subsidiary of O'Rielly Associates (ORA) is planning to publish a
> AO> book about LaTeX shortly and would like to include a copy of TL4 in that book.
> AO> I am contacting you because you and one other person have placed licensing
> AO> restrictions on the distribution of your respective software packages such
> AO> that it would not be legal for the current edition of TL4 to be bundled with
> AO> this book.
> not exactly. Any commercial vendor willing to distribute the _french_
> package must have to get in touch with me before distribution.
> TUG agreement can't apply to ORA.
> Defaultly, ORA has no right to distribute my _french_ package.
>   --bg

Sebastian, I ask your advice. Should I simply put Bernard in touch with Xavier
Cazin directly? I'm not sure I'm up to acting as any sort of intermediary here.