Embedding TeXLive4 in a book

Arthur Ogawa ogawa@teleport.com
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 09:02:22 -0700

Xavier Cazin wrote:

> Sebastian Rahtz writes:

> > i think we'd ask you to include a very clear statement 
> > on the book and CD that the CD was provided by the TeX 
> > Users Group at cost, is not being sold by O'Reilly, and 
> > that no profit is being made from it. But I'd prefer Art 
> > Ogawa to agree some woring there

My take: I would like to see mention in the book of the TeX Users Group (which
"supports the production of the TeX Live CD" and "invites participation from
all TeX users" therein) and of the local TeX user group in the country of
publication (in this case presumably France, which means mention of GUTenberg).

I would like to see information similar to that presented in the ORA title
"Making TeX Work" by Norm Walsh, on page 391. TeX user groups such as TUG,
GUTenberg, UKTuG, and Dante (to mention just a few) support the use of TeX by
everyone, not only members, support the maintenance of the Comprehensive TeX
Archive Network (ftp://ctan.tug.org and other sites listed there), support the
production of the TeX Live CD and other useful TeX-oriented CDs, publish
TeX-oriented journals, and organize TeX-oriented conferences.

As far as the TL4 CD is concerned, the master of the CD is being provided by
TUG, and the CD's cost of production is being born by the publisher. I don't
know that the book can accurately claim that no profit is being made from the
CD, but if the book's copyright allows free copying of the contents of the
book, then both the book and the bundled CD qualify as "free". If so, then the
licenseholders of the software, including GS, would be satisfied and, in the
case of GS, would not require a license fee.

Xavier, on a separate issue, the book is likely to contain a certain amount of
code samples (TeX documents and macros). The author might wish to do two things:

1. Put the code samples on CTAN.

2. Put the same material on the TL4 CD that is to be bundled with the book.

These steps are only logical, and would considerably enhance the usefulness of
the book. And given that the code is freely copyable (which it certainly ought
to be), mixing it in to the TL4 CD would not present a licensing problem.

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