thumbpdf installation

Heiko Oberdiek
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 17:48:35 +0200

At 17:34 04.06.1999 +0200, Fabrice Popineau wrote:
>> 1. Who has adopted the perl scripts to \bin\win32\*.bat?
>>    I want to include thumbpdf.bat in the next version.
>I install *.bat for most of the perl scripts. I even have a hack
>to allow for more than 10 argv for the scripts that might need 
>it (like l2h) in the form of an exe stub running perl.

Can I use the batch wrapper for the next thumbpdf version?
Is there a pointer to the exe stub, so I could meantion it in
the documentation?
I'm using #!perl.exe from John Dallman. This requires to install
the perl-script under a directory of PERLLIB and to copy
#!perl.exe to thumbpdf.exe.

Best regards
  Heiko <>