TL4: ltxtable.sty not installed properly

Matthew Swift
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 00:58:32 -0400

ltxtable.tex is there, but it needs to have been latex'd to produce
ltxtable.sty and ltxtable.dvi.


/incoming# kpsewhich ltxtable.tex

/incoming# head -10 `kpsewhich ltxtable.tex`
%% User documentation and source for ltxtable package
%% (C) 1995 David Carlisle
% Save this file as ltxtable.tex, then
% latex ltxtable
% This will write the ltxtable.sty package file on to your system
% and produce some rather terse typeset documentation.

/incoming# kpsewhich ltxtable.sty

/incoming# texdoc ltxtable
Can't find documentation for `ltxtable'