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David L. Elliott
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 23:48:58 -0400

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I'm mailing back the first CDROM; details are enclosed in the package, with
a copy attached to this e-letter.
Many thanks to all at TUG.


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Date: Thursday, May 27, 1999 7:33 PM
Subject: Re: Forwarded message from David L. Elliott

>I am mailing you a replacement copy of TeX Live 4 by Priority mail today.
>Please let us know if there are further problems.  Thanks for your support
>of TUG!
>Kiren Bahm
>TUG Office
>>From: "David L. Elliott" <>
>>To: <>
>>Subject: TeXLive4 CDROM
>>Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 17:08:15 -0400
>>I  just received my TUGBoat Vol. 20 No. 1 with the TexLive4 CDROM.
>>The CDROM is readable on my Macintosh and SPARC-II (SUN-OS 4.14) systems,
>>but fails entirely (and with much fuss) to mount on my Windows95 computer.
>>  (I've checked the drive; it reads the TeXLive3 disc OK).
>>The serial number of the CDROM is 5B46-5B3A -- when inserted into the
>>Windows drive I get an error
>>screen saying the CDROM may need to be cleaned (and said serial number).
>>isn't dirty, but there are
>>some minute imperfections in the plastic near the outer edge...
>>Anyhow, the installation I use most is the Windows95 one that isn't
>>Is the problem a general one, or is it likely I've a misprinted disc?  In
>>the latter case I'll happily return it
>>to you in exchange for a good one.  If it's a general problem, just let me
>> I  can probably transfer the necessary files from the SPARC, with some
>>David L. Elliott
>>9348 Cherry Hill Road, Apt. 510
>>College Park, MD 20740
>>(TUG member)

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June 1, 1999

Dear TUG volunteers-- This afternoon (June 1) the replacement
TeXLive4 CDROM arrived in the mail. I'm enclosing this message and
also e-mailing it to you verbatim, with thanks for your speed in

I am returning, in the mailer you supplied, the faulty CDROM,
serial number 5B46-5B3A. As I wrote in last week's e-mail, it had
failed fatally to mount on my Win95 laptop, but mounted OK on
Macintosh IIci (MacOS7.5) and on a SPARC-II with SunOS 4.14.

Many thanks for the replacement CDROM. It mounted successfully on
the Win95 laptop, and a custom installation went very well.

Another problem occurs with both the first CDROM and the
replacement: Since I already had TeXLive3 in place on the SPARC, I
used the both directly from the CDROM and -- copied
to hard-disk -- with option --cddir=3D/cdrom. Latex1 and latex2
installed, but latex3 installation fails fatally after a minute

panic: segmap-release error addr.

Conclusion: the returned CDROM has an optical fault from the
press. Both (and at a guess, all) have an inherent "install"
problem which may be related to my private Unix system;  I can
probably work around that one. It would be nice to have an
independent check of anybody's copy on another SPARC-II
(especially with SunOS 4.x).

 Suggestion for future editions:  Lots of us will never go to Solaris =
2.x, and
if you choose to include the SunOS4 binaries in the future --
we'll be once again able to run directly from CDROM. That's
impossible with the binaries now on the CDROM.

With best wishes,

              David L. Elliott