Embedding TeXLive4 in a book

Fabrice Popineau fabrice.popineau@supelec.fr
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 21:27:28 +0200

> Fabrice, can we work in the next couple of weeks to make a new
> snapshot anyway, TL4b? with your latest fpTeX. most importantly, I'd
> need you to make a new InstallShield release (no time to consider any
> changes in it)

Certainly. I think that by now the InstallShield script is ok. I won't work
on it
anymore but I can certainly build a new CD setup.

What worries me a little bit is that this might be a French book on LaTeX,
and a TL4 *without* french.sty ... A little bit strange to many French
in my opinion.

Let me now when you will have a texmf tree  to download and I'll send you
the windows files. I guess GS will have to be removed too ...