Embedding TeXLive4 in a book

Xavier Cazin xavier@editions-oreilly.fr
01 Jun 1999 18:20:13 +0200

Sebastian Rahtz writes:

> We would be very happy to cooperate with O'Reilly on this, but we have a
> few problems with packages which have restrictive licensing. TUG agreed,
> for instance, with Aladdin that we could include Ghostscript, but you'd
> have to negotiate separately. The LaTeX "french" package is another
> example (and rather important in your context!)

If there is an easy way for TUG to provide me with the contacts from whom
we need a specific authorization, I would appreciate a lot. 

If some of them don't want to let us distribute their tool, we'd obviously
need to have a modified version. In any case, I would jump on your proposal
of updating the CD for this project. 

We need to give the master by the end of June, to ensure that the 2050
copies are done and shipped by mid-July. Technically, the best would
certainly be to get a binary image file, so that the copier can just make a
bit to bit copy.

I will contact Art Ogawa as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your help.

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