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Date:     2023-01-16 22:10:53 +0100 (Mon, 16 Jan 2023)
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diffcoeff (16jan23)

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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/latex/diffcoeff/README.txt
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/latex/diffcoeff/README.txt	2023-01-16 21:10:42 UTC (rev 65558)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/latex/diffcoeff/README.txt	2023-01-16 21:10:53 UTC (rev 65559)
@@ -10,27 +10,27 @@
+Version 5.1 of diffcoeff adds a version-conflict message if the 
+now redundant ISO package option of earlier versions is used, 
+and tweaks documentation. Version 5.0 of diffcoeff introduced 
+many interface incompatibilities with version 4, which is still 
+available through the trailing optional argument in the 
+\usepackage statement, e.g., \usepackage{diffcoeff}[=v4] 
+Version 5 requires xtemplate from the l3packages bundle and 
+the mleftright package. 
-Version 5.0 of diffcoeff introduces many interface incompat-
-ibilities with version 4. For that reason v5.0 and v4.2 are 
-are packaged together. Version 4 can always be used to comp-
-ile an older document by using the trailing optional argument 
-in the \usepackage statement, e.g., \usepackage{diffcoeff}[=v4] 
-The aim in both versions is to ease the writing of differential 
-coefficients (derivatives) and related quantities (jacobians, 
-differentials). Both versions require xtemplate from the 
-l3packages bundle. Version 5 also requires the mleftright 
+Changed files:
 README.txt            this document
-diffcoeff.sty         LaTeX .sty file (current version, v5.0)
-diffcoeff4.sty        LaTeX .sty file (older version, v4.2)
-diffcoeff5.def        definition file of variant forms in v5
-diffcoeff-doc.def     definition file of variant forms in v4
+diffcoeff.sty         LaTeX .sty file (current version, v5.1)
+diffcoeff.pdf         documentation for current version, v5.1
+diffcoeff.tex         LaTeX source of documentation for v5.1
-diffcoeff.pdf         documentation for current version, v5
-diffcoeff.tex         LaTeX source of documentation for v5.
-diffcoeff4.pdf        documentation for older version, v4
-diffcoeff4.tex        LaTeX source of documentation for v4
+Unchanged files
+diffcoeff5.def         definition file for v5.1
+diffcoeff4.sty         LaTeX .sty file, v4.2
+diffcoeff4.pdf         documentation for v4.2
+diffcoeff4.tex         LaTeX source of documentation for v4.2
+diffcoeff-doc.def      definition file for v4.2

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/latex/diffcoeff/diffcoeff.pdf
(Binary files differ)

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/latex/diffcoeff/diffcoeff.tex
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/latex/diffcoeff/diffcoeff.tex	2023-01-16 21:10:42 UTC (rev 65558)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/latex/diffcoeff/diffcoeff.tex	2023-01-16 21:10:53 UTC (rev 65559)
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@
  a \LaTeX{} package to ease\texttt{ }the~\\
  writing of differential coefficients \\
- Version 5.0}
+ Version 5.1}
 \author{Andrew Parsloe\\
 {\small (ajparsloe at gmail.com)}}
@@ -167,15 +167,15 @@
 \subsubsection*{ISO defaults}
-Unlike the default set-up in version 4, the defaults in version 5
-of \verb`diffcoeff` are chosen to reflect ISO recommendations; see
-the standard ISO 80000-2. In particular this means upright `d's
-and subscripted parentheses enclosing a derivative to indicate a point
-of evaluation. This document is written with those defaults. For those
-(like the author) who prefer math-italic `d's and a subscripted
-vertical rule to indicate a point of evaluation, the means of creating
-`variant forms' or changing the defaults is readily available; see
-\xA7\xA7\ref{sec:Variant-forms}, \ref{sec:ChangingDefaults}.\end{shaded}%
+The \verb`ISO` package option is redundant. Unlike the default set-up
+in version 4, the defaults in version 5 of \verb`diffcoeff` are chosen
+to reflect ISO recommendations (see the standard ISO 80000-2). In
+particular this means upright `d's and subscripted parentheses enclosing
+a derivative to indicate a point of evaluation. This document is written
+with those defaults. For those (like the author) who prefer math-italic
+`d's and a subscripted vertical rule to indicate a point of evaluation,
+the means of creating `variant forms' or changing the defaults is
+readily available; see \xA7\xA7\ref{sec:Variant-forms}, \ref{sec:ChangingDefaults}. \end{shaded}%
@@ -3204,4 +3204,42 @@
 to particular values in the child are imposed by the second \verb`\DeclareRestrictedTemplate`
 call through the aritifice of treating the child template \verb`#3`
 as a child of itself. In that way its new defaults are not lost.
+\section{Version history}
+Version 5 was conceived as a new package (under the name \verb`diffcoefx`)
+and only at the end, after discussion with CTAN maintainers, changed
+to version 5.0 of \verb`diffcoeff`. 
+\item Version 5.0 (2023-01-02) of \verb`diffcoeff`
+\item splits the \verb`\diff` command of version 4 into three pairs of
+commands: \verb`\diff` and \verb`\diffp` for upright-fraction derivatives;
+\verb`\difs` and \verb`difsp` for slash-fraction derivatives, and
+\verb`\difc` and \verb`\difcp` for `compact form' derivatives;
+\item replaces the order-override option by a new command \verb`\difoverride`
+(to avoid cluttering formulas with a second square-bracket delimited
+optional argument before the differentiand);
+\item adds a second star option to reverse the order of differentiand and
+variable(s) of differentiation when the differentiand is appended;
+\item replaces the two-argument \verb`\diffdef` command of earlier versions
+with the three-argument command \verb`\difdef` command, the additional
+argument determining which one or more of the \verb`f`, \verb`s`,
+\verb`c`, \verb`fp`, \verb`sp` or \verb`cp` forms the defined
+variant applies to;
+\item rewrites the differential command \verb`\dl` which is now template-configurable
+(e.g. allowing easy writing of line elements like $\dl.+.{x,y,z}^{2}$);
+\item rewrites the jacobian command \verb`\jacob` which is now template-configurable;
+\item uses ISO defaults;
+\item includes version conflict messages.
+\item Version 5.1 (2023-01-16)
+\item adds a now-redundant \verb`ISO` package option and related version
+conflict message;
+\item makes some corresponding tweaks to documentation (including this version
+5 history).

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/tex/latex/diffcoeff/diffcoeff.sty
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/tex/latex/diffcoeff/diffcoeff.sty	2023-01-16 21:10:42 UTC (rev 65558)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/tex/latex/diffcoeff/diffcoeff.sty	2023-01-16 21:10:53 UTC (rev 65559)
@@ -8,10 +8,10 @@
 % Andrew Parsloe ajparsloe at gmail.com
-\ProvidesExplPackage {diffcoeff} {2023/01/02} {5.0} 
+\ProvidesExplPackage {diffcoeff} {2023/01/16} {5.1} 
   {Write differential coefficients easily and consistently.}
 \keys_define:nn { diffcoeff }
@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@
     mleftright  .default:n = true,
     mleftright  .initial:n = false,
     def-file    .tl_gset:N = \g__diffcoeff_def_tl,
-    DIF       .clist_set:N = \l__diffcoeff_dif_clist
+    DIF       .clist_set:N = \l__diffcoeff_dif_clist,
+    ISO        .bool_set:N = \l__diffcoeff_ISO_bool % v4 relic
 \IfFormatAtLeastTF {2020-10-01} {}
   { \RequirePackage { xparse } }
@@ -33,7 +34,7 @@
     \ProcessKeysOptions { diffcoeff }
 \bool_if:NT \l__diffcoeff_mLR_bool 
-  { \mleftright } 
+  { \mleftright }
 %%%%%%%%%% messages %%%%%%%%% 
 \cs_new:Npn \__diffcoeff_msg_autocalc:n #1 
@@ -64,6 +65,14 @@
     \c__diffcoeff_msg_vcon_tl #1~\msg_line_context:.~\tl_to_str:n { #2 }
     \msg_see_documentation_text:n {diffcoeff}~\c__diffcoeff_msg_revert_tl
+\msg_new:nnn { diffcoeff } { ISO }
+  { 
+    Version~5~of~diffcoeff~uses~ISO~settings~by~default.~Package~option~
+    ISO~is~redundant.~\msg_see_documentation_text:n {diffcoeff}~
+    \c__diffcoeff_msg_revert_tl
+  }
+\bool_if:NT \l__diffcoeff_ISO_bool
+  { \msg_note:nn { diffcoeff } { ISO } }
 \bool_new:N \l__diffcoeff_multitok_bool
 \bool_new:N \l__diffcoeff_append_bool

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