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Sun Sep 26 01:42:37 CEST 2021

Revision: 60610
Author:   karl
Date:     2021-09-26 01:42:37 +0200 (Sun, 26 Sep 2021)
Log Message:

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
--- trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb	2021-09-25 21:25:48 UTC (rev 60609)
+++ trunk/Master/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb	2021-09-25 23:42:37 UTC (rev 60610)
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
 depend frozen/0
 depend minrelease/2016
 depend release/2021
-depend revision/60602
+depend revision/60609
 name 00texlive.image
 category TLCore
@@ -4463,7 +4463,7 @@
 name 00texlive.installer
 category TLCore
-revision 60598
+revision 60604
 shortdesc TeX Live standalone installer package
 longdesc This package defines the files to go into the installer
 longdesc archives (install-tl-unx.tar.gz, install-tl.zip) built by the
@@ -8369,11 +8369,11 @@
 name acmart
 category Package
-revision 60372
+revision 60608
 shortdesc Class for typesetting publications of ACM
 longdesc This package provides a class for typesetting publications of
 longdesc the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).
-docfiles size=2632
+docfiles size=2633
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/acmart/README details="Readme"
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/acmart/acmart.pdf details="Documentation"
@@ -8421,7 +8421,7 @@
 catalogue-ctan /macros/latex/contrib/acmart
 catalogue-license lppl1.3
 catalogue-topics class comp-sci comp-theory engineering journalpub
-catalogue-version 1.79
+catalogue-version 1.80
 name acmconf
 category Package
@@ -49289,7 +49289,7 @@
 name chemplants
 category Package
-revision 52863
+revision 60606
 shortdesc Symbology to draw chemical plants with TikZ
 longdesc This package offers tools to draw simple or barely complex
 longdesc schemes of chemical processes. The package defines several
@@ -49298,18 +49298,18 @@
 longdesc of the symbols and styles are defined using tools of the TikZ
 longdesc package, thus a basic knowledge of the logic of this powerful
 longdesc tool is required to profitably use chemplants.
-docfiles size=267
+docfiles size=306
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/chemplants/README.md details="Readme"
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/chemplants/chemplants-doc.pdf details="Package documentation"
-runfiles size=11
+runfiles size=15
 catalogue-ctan /graphics/pgf/contrib/chemplants
 catalogue-license lppl1.3c
 catalogue-topics chemistry graphics pgf-tikz diagram-flow
-catalogue-version 0.9.8
+catalogue-version 0.9.9
 name chemschemex
 category Package
@@ -153539,26 +153539,26 @@
 name latexbug
 category Package
-revision 59741
+revision 60609
 shortdesc Bug-classification for LaTeX related bugs
 longdesc The package is written in order to help identifying the
 longdesc rightful addressee for a bug report. The LaTeX team asks that
 longdesc it will be loaded in any test file that is intended to be sent
 longdesc to the LaTeX bug database as part of a bug report.
-docfiles size=52
+docfiles size=54
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/latexbug/README.md details="Readme"
  texmf-dist/doc/latex/latexbug/latexbug.pdf details="Package documentation"
-srcfiles size=9
+srcfiles size=10
-runfiles size=5
+runfiles size=6
 catalogue-contact-repository https://github.com/latex3/latexbug
 catalogue-ctan /macros/latex/required/latexbug
 catalogue-license lppl1.3c
 catalogue-topics latex-doc latex-devel
-catalogue-version 1.0k
+catalogue-version 1.0l
 name latexcheat
 category Package
@@ -225832,7 +225832,7 @@
 catalogue-ctan /graphics/pstricks/contrib/pst-3dplot
 catalogue-license lppl
 catalogue-topics graphics-3d graphics-plot pstricks
-catalogue-version 2.06
+catalogue-version 2.07
 name pst-abspos
 category Package
@@ -228022,7 +228022,7 @@
 catalogue-ctan /graphics/pstricks/contrib/pst-plot
 catalogue-license lppl
 catalogue-topics data-import data-disp pstricks
-catalogue-version 1.92
+catalogue-version 1.93
 name pst-poker
 category Package
@@ -228642,7 +228642,7 @@
 catalogue-ctan /graphics/pstricks/contrib/pst-tools
 catalogue-license lppl
 catalogue-topics graphics pstricks
-catalogue-version 0.11
+catalogue-version 0.12
 name pst-tree
 category Package
@@ -229000,7 +229000,7 @@
 name pstricks
 category Package
-revision 60599
+revision 60607
 catalogue pstricks-base
 shortdesc PostScript macros for TeX
 longdesc PSTricks offers an extensive collection of macros for
@@ -229019,7 +229019,7 @@
 longdesc diagram. PSTricks macros can also generate PDF output when the
 longdesc document is processed XeTeX, without the need for other
 longdesc supporting packages.
-docfiles size=2304
+docfiles size=2292
  texmf-dist/doc/generic/pstricks/README details="Readme"
@@ -229107,7 +229107,7 @@
 catalogue-ctan /graphics/pstricks/base
 catalogue-license lppl1.3
 catalogue-topics graphics-in-tex colour pstricks dvips-special xetex
-catalogue-version 3.10
+catalogue-version 3.10a
 name pstricks-add
 category Package
@@ -229148,7 +229148,7 @@
 catalogue-ctan /graphics/pstricks/contrib/pstricks-add
 catalogue-license lppl
 catalogue-topics graphics-in-tex pstricks
-catalogue-version 3.90
+catalogue-version 3.91
 name pstricks_calcnotes
 category Package
@@ -269501,7 +269501,7 @@
 name texlive-scripts
 category TLCore
-revision 60598
+revision 60604
 shortdesc TeX Live infrastructure programs
 longdesc Includes install-tl, tl-portable, rungs, etc.; not needed for
 longdesc tlmgr to run but still ours. Not included in tlcritical.

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