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erewhon (29may20)

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 for the details of that license. 
-Current version: 1.108, 2020-05-27
+Current version: 1.109, 2020-05-28
+Changes in version 1.109
+Modified the sizes of the ruble glyphs to match those of otherr currencies and adjusted the \textruble macro accordingly. (Thanks Dmitry Ustalov.)
 Changes in version 1.108
 1. Added Russian ruble glyph (U+20BD) and thin space (U+202F) to each style, sourced from Heuristica. These are accessible only from Xe[La]TeX and Lua[La]TeX.
 2. Added a macro \textruble to erewhon.sty so that LaTeX users can access an approximation to the ruble glyph as a text composite.

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 \item shapes of some oldstyle figures modified to have more of an oldstyle appearance;
 \item fraction macros based on the new numerator and denominator figures;
 \item the bold upright face has been made less cramped.
+\item As of version $1.109$, a Russian ruble glyph from Heuristica was added but is accessible from LaTeX encodings. For LaTeX users, a \verb|\textruble| command has been added, built as a composite glyph built from a scaled down P and two rules, providing an approximation to the actual ruble glyph: \textruble.
 The {\tt newtx} package has been modified, as of version $1.26$,  to offer a new option {\tt utopia} (or, equivalently, {\tt heuristica} or {\tt erewhon}) that uses math italic glyphs taken from Utopia and oldstyle figures from \emph{Erewhon}. Its slanted Greek alphabets are constructed from the {\tt txfonts} slanted Greek letters by reducing their italic angle from $15.5$\textdegree\ to $13$\textdegree, matching Utopia's italic angle. 

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