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 Peter Breitenlohner put in the massive efforts needed to make this
 work in the TL build system and use the same ICU library as XeTeX.
-Despite of that, it is likely that BibTeXu shipped with TL still does
-not behave as expected.  The precompiled binaries of the first release
-by Yannis on 2009-09-23 seemed to work to some extent, so there might
-have been some inconsistency in the integration.
+Although BibTeXu shipped with TL did not behave as expected in 2018 or
+earlier, the one with TL2019 is relatively usable.
 The files in examples/ show the expected behavior:
   * test.tex: the input XeLaTeX source, which uses a Unicode font
               covering Latin, Greek and Chinese
   * test.bib: the input BIB file
-  * test.bbl: expected output of BibTeXu
-              (obtained from BibTeXu 2009-09-23 with ICU 4.2.1)
-  * test.pdf: expected final output of XeLaTeX
+  * test.bbl: the output of BibTeXu (with options -l fr -o fr)
+  * test.pdf: final output of XeLaTeX
-Hope that this works in the future.
+The above files were prepared by Yannis using BibTeXu 2009-09-23 with
+ICU 4.2.1, and you will get effectively the same result using TL2019
+by executing the following lines:
+    $ xelatex test
+    $ bibtexu -l fr -o fr test
+    $ xelatex test
-This README file was written by TeX Live team, on 2019-03-02.
+This README file was written by TeX Live team, on 2019-03-30.
 Public domain.

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/bibtexu/examples/test.bbl
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/bibtexu/examples/test.bbl	2019-03-30 06:34:40 UTC (rev 50654)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/bibtexu/examples/test.bbl	2019-03-30 09:57:20 UTC (rev 50655)
@@ -31,13 +31,13 @@
   κάνω, ἀφοῦ σὲ χάνω}.
 \newblock Ἐκδόσεις τῶν χαμένων ἐλπίδων, 2009.
-节列表 天王最新章.
+格的儿子 天堂最新的章节表.
 \newblock {\em 製版・文書処理システム Ω}.
 \newblock Les Éditions du désastre, 2009.
-格的儿子 天堂最新的章节表.
+节列表 天王最新章.
 \newblock {\em 製版・文書処理システム Ω}.
 \newblock Les Éditions du désastre, 2009.

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