texlive[48638] Master/tlpkg: add base35 fonts etc., for completeness;

commits+karl at tug.org commits+karl at tug.org
Mon Sep 10 19:48:32 CEST 2018

Revision: 48638
Author:   karl
Date:     2018-09-10 19:48:32 +0200 (Mon, 10 Sep 2018)
Log Message:
add base35 fonts etc., for completeness; cannot be installed, but a few files can get checked

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/Master/tlpkg/bin/tlpkg-ctan-check
--- trunk/Master/tlpkg/bin/tlpkg-ctan-check	2018-09-10 00:21:56 UTC (rev 48637)
+++ trunk/Master/tlpkg/bin/tlpkg-ctan-check	2018-09-10 17:48:32 UTC (rev 48638)
@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@
     blochsphere block blockdraw_mp bloques blowup blox
     bnumexpr bodegraph bohr boisik bold-extra
     boites boldtensors bondgraph bondgraphs
-    bookcover bookdb bookest bookhands booklet
+    bookcover bookdb bookest bookhands booklet bookman
     booktabs booktabs-de booktabs-fr boolexpr boondox bophook
     borceux bosisio
     boxedminipage boxedminipage2e boxhandler bpchem bpolynomial
@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@
     cc-pl ccaption ccfonts ccicons cclicenses
     cd cd-cover cdpbundl
     cell cellprops cellspace celtic censor cesenaexam cfr-initials cfr-lm
-    changebar changelayout changepage changes chappg chapterfolder
+    changebar changelayout changepage changes chappg chapterfolder charter
     chbibref cheatsheet checkcites checklistings chem-journal
     chemarrow chembst chemcompounds chemcono chemexec
     chemfig chemformula chemgreek chemmacros
@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@
     classics classpack classicthesis
     cleanthesis clearsans clefval cleveref clipboard
     clock cloze clrdblpg clrscode clrscode3e clrstrip
-    cm-lgc cm-mf-extra-bold cm-super cm-unicode
+    cm cm-lgc cm-mf-extra-bold cm-super cm-unicode
     cmap cmarrows cmbright cmcyr
     cmdstring cmdtrack cmexb cmextra cmll cmpica cmpj cmsd cmsrb cmtiup
     cnbwp cnltx cntformats cntperchap
@@ -183,7 +183,8 @@
     cooking cooking-units cookingsymbols
     cool coollist coolstr coolthms cooltooltips
     coordsys copyedit copyrightbox cormorantgaramond correctmathalign coseoul
-    countriesofeurope counttexruns courier-scaled courseoutline coursepaper
+    countriesofeurope counttexruns courier courier-scaled
+    courseoutline coursepaper
     coverpage covington
     cprotect cqubeamer cquthesis
     crbox crimson crop
@@ -326,7 +327,7 @@
     handin handout hands hang hanging hanoi
     happy4th har2nat hardwrap harmony harnon-cv harpoon
     harvard harveyballs harvmac hatching hausarbeit-jura havannah
-    hc he-she hecthese hep hepnames
+    hc he-she hecthese helvetic hep hepnames
     hepparticles hepthesis hepunits here heuristica hexgame
     hf-tikz hfbright hfoldsty
     hhtensor histogr historische-zeitschrift hitec hithesis hletter hlist
@@ -420,7 +421,7 @@
     matc3 matc3mem match_parens
     math-e math-into-latex-4 mathabx mathabx-type1 mathalfa mathastext
     mathcomp mathdesign mathdots mathexam
-    mathfam256 mathfixs mathfont mathpartir mathpunctspace
+    mathfam256 mathfixs mathfont mathpartir mathpazo mathpunctspace
     mathspec mathtools matlab-prettifier mathspic maths-symbols
     mattens maybemath mbenotes
     mcaption mceinleger mcexam mcf2graph mcite mciteplus mcmthesis
@@ -458,7 +459,7 @@
   na-box na-position nag nameauth namespc nanumtype1 nar
     natbib natded nath nature
     navigator navydocs
-    ncclatex ncctools
+    ncclatex ncctools ncntrsbk
     nddiss ndsu-thesis needspace nestquot neuralnetwork nevelok
     newcommand newenviron newfile newlfm newpx newsletr newspaper
     newtx newtxsf newtxtt newunicodechar newvbtm
@@ -482,7 +483,7 @@
     ordinalpt orkhun oscola ot-tableau othello othelloboard
     oubraces outline outliner outlines outlining overlays overlock overpic
   pacioli padauk pagecolor pagecont padcount pagenote pagerange pageslts
-    paper papercdcase papermas papertex
+    palatino paper papercdcase papermas papertex
     paracol parades paralist parallel paratype
     paresse parnotes parrun parselines parskip
     pas-cours pas-crosswords pas-cv pas-tableur passivetex 
@@ -612,7 +613,8 @@
     sudoku sudokubundle suftesi sugconf
     superiors supertabular susy svg svg-inkscape svgcolor
     svn svn-multi svn-prov svninfo svrsymbols
-    swebib swimgraf syllogism sympytexpackage syntax synproof syntrace synttree
+    swebib swimgraf syllogism
+    symbol sympytexpackage syntax synproof syntrace synttree
   t-angles t2
     tabfigures table-fct tableaux tablefootnote tableof tablestyles
@@ -644,7 +646,7 @@
     tikz-relay tikz-sfc tikz-timing
     tikzcodeblocks tikzducks tikzinclude tikzmark tikzmarmots tikzorbital
     tikzpagenodes tikzpeople tikzpfeile tikzposter tikzscale tikzsymbols
-    timbreicmc timetable timing-diagrams tinos tipa tipa-de tipfr
+    timbreicmc times timetable timing-diagrams tinos tipa tipa-de tipfr
     titlecaps titlefoot titlepages titlepic titleref titlesec titling
     tkz-base tkz-berge tkz-doc tkz-euclide tkz-fct tkz-graph
     tkz-kiviat tkz-linknodes tkz-orm tikz-page tkz-tab
@@ -651,7 +653,7 @@
     tlc-article tlc2
     tocbibind tocdata tocloft tocvsec2 todo todonotes
     tokenizer toolbox tools topfloat topletter totcount totpages toptesi
-    tpslifonts tqft
+    tpic2pdftex tpslifonts tqft
     tracklang trajan tram
     translation-arsclassica-de translation-biblatex-de translation-chemsym-de
@@ -717,7 +719,7 @@
   yafoot yagusylo yaletter yannisgr yathesis yax
     ycbook ydoc yfonts yfonts-t1 yhmath
     yinit-otf york-thesis youngtab yplan ytableau
-  zebra-goodies zed-csp
+  zapfchan zapfding zebra-goodies zed-csp
     zhlipsum zhnumber zhmetrics zhmetrics-uptex zhspacing ziffer zlmtt
     zwgetfdate zwpagelayout
     zxjafbfont zxjafont zxjatype
@@ -826,10 +828,10 @@
   "tlcockpit",		# our binary
   "tlshell",		# our binary
   "ttfutils",		# binary
-  "tpic2pdftex",	# ctan mirrors from us
   "updmap-map",		# autogenerated map files
   "uhc",		# big tar files from 2005, don't worry until update
   "uptex",		# binary
+  "utopia",		# afm differs, don't worry
   "vlna",		# binary
   "web",		# binary
   "xdvi",		# binary

Modified: trunk/Master/tlpkg/libexec/ctan2tds
--- trunk/Master/tlpkg/libexec/ctan2tds	2018-09-10 00:21:56 UTC (rev 48637)
+++ trunk/Master/tlpkg/libexec/ctan2tds	2018-09-10 17:48:32 UTC (rev 48638)
@@ -52,10 +52,10 @@
 # can have their own subroutine.
 %special = (
+ 'ANUfinalexam',"die 'skipping, use anufinalexam'",
  'AkkTeX',      "die 'skipping, use akktex'",
- 'ANUfinalexam',"die 'skipping, use anufinalexam'",
+ 'CJK',         "die 'skipping, use cjk'",
  'Catalogue',   "die 'skipping, goes stale too soon'",
- 'CJK',         "die 'skipping, use cjk'",
  'Einfuehrung', "die 'skipping, use einfuehrung (lowercase)'",
  'FiXme',       "die 'skipping, use fixme'",
  'GuIT',        "die 'skipping, use guitlogo'",
@@ -64,15 +64,15 @@
  'LingTrees',   "die 'skipping, requires python'",
  'SIstyle',     '&MAKEflatten',
  'SQLTeX',      "die 'skipping, see sqltex'",
+ 'TOPtesi',     "die 'skipping, use toptesi'",
  'TeXemplar',   "die 'skipping, use texemplar'",
  'TeXmacs',     "die 'skipping, binary'",
- 'TOPtesi',     "die 'skipping, use toptesi'",
  'a4',          "die 'skipping, just a pointer to ntgclass'",
  'aastex',      "&MAKEflatten",
  'accenti',     "die 'skipping, use bosisio instead'",
  'acmtrans',    "die 'skipping, nonfree (nosell) license'",
+ 'acroflex',    "die 'skipping, per author (dps) request'",
  'acromake',    "die 'skipping, nonfree (nomodify) license'",
- 'acroflex',    "die 'skipping, per author (dps) request'",
  'acrotex',     "die 'skipping, per author (dps) request'",
  'adforn',      "&MAKEcopy",
  'adfsymbols',  "&MAKEcopy",
@@ -92,8 +92,8 @@
  'alkalami',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'allrunes',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'almfixed',	"&MAKEflatten",
+ 'alphabib',    "die 'skipping, shell script, and no doc source?'",
  'alterqcm',    "&MAKEaqcm",
- 'alphabib',    "die 'skipping, shell script, and no doc source?'",
  'ams',         "die 'skipping, use amscls for ams*.bst'",
  'ams-cd',      "die 'skipping, latex 2.09 and never in tl'",
  'amslatex',    "die 'skipping, use ams subpackages (see tlpkginfo)'",
@@ -137,6 +137,7 @@
  'auto1',       "die 'skipping, nonfree font support'",
  'autolatex',   "die 'skipping, not self-locating'",
  'autotab',     "die 'skipping, noinfo license, latex 2.09'",
+ 'avantgar',    "die 'skipping, part of urw-base35, frozen'",
  'babel-frenchb',  "die 'skipping, use babel-french'",
  'babel-serbianc', "&MAKEflatten",
  'babel-slovene',  "die 'skipping, use babel-slovenian'",
@@ -151,8 +152,8 @@
  'basque',      "die 'skipping, use babel-basque'",
  'bbm-macros',  "&MAKEnosymlinks",
  'bclogo',      "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'beamer-contrib',      "die 'skipping, use subdirs'",
  'beamer2thesis',       "&MAKEflatten",
- 'beamer-contrib',      "die 'skipping, use subdirs'",
  'beamertheme-metropolis',	"&MAKEflatten",
  'beamertheme-upenn-bc',	"&MAKEflatten",
  'beebe',               "die 'skipping, MAKEbeebe needs work, sorry'",
@@ -191,6 +192,7 @@
  'blu',         "die 'skipping, too old'",
  'bnf-plain',   "die 'skipping, unknown license (and c.1992)'",
  'bookhands',   "&MAKEwilson",
+ 'bookman',	"die 'skipping, part of urw-base35, frozen'",
  'booktabs-fr', "&MAKEnosymlinks",
  'boondox',     "&MAKEcopy",
  'borceux',     "&MAKEborceux",
@@ -201,12 +203,12 @@
  'byzantinemusic',	"die 'skipping, includes non-relocating jar'",
  'c90',         "&MAKEc90",
  'cachepic',    "&MAKEcopy",
- 'calxxxx',     "die 'skipping, nomodify license'",
  'calendar',    "die 'skipping, nosell license'",
  'calendar_barr',       "die 'skipping, ca.2001, noinfo license'",
+ 'calxxxx',     "die 'skipping, nomodify license'",
+ 'camel',       "die 'skipping, nosell license'",
  'cantarell',   "&MAKEcopy",
  'cascover',    "die 'skipping, license unclear, ancient'",
- 'camel',       "die 'skipping, nosell license'",
  'casiofont',	"die 'skipping, nonfree font'",
  'cassette',    "die 'skipping, nonfree license'",
  'cassette-shipunov',   "die 'skipping, use shipunov'",
@@ -213,8 +215,8 @@
  'cassette209', "die 'skipping, latex 2.09'",
  'casslbl',     "die 'skipping, license unclear, ancient'",
  'catalogue',   "die 'skipping, goes stale too soon'",
+ 'catchfile',   "die 'skipping, part of oberdiek'",
  'catdvi',      "die 'skipping, compilation'",
- 'catchfile',   "die 'skipping, part of oberdiek'",
  'catoptions',  "&MAKEflatten",
  'cbfonts',     "&MAKEflatten",
  'cc-pl',       "&MAKEflatten",
@@ -224,6 +226,7 @@
  'cellwise',    "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'changebar',   "&MAKEchangebar",
  'chapterbib',  "die 'skipping, update cite instead'",
+ 'charter',	"die 'skipping, frozen'",
  'check-parens',"die 'skipping, C++'",
  'chemarrow',   "&MAKEflatten", # check about Arrow.vfb
  'chemstruct',  "die 'skipping, old latex 2.09, never in tl'",
@@ -238,8 +241,8 @@
  'chktex',      "die 'skipping, merge into Build'",
  'chngpage',    "die 'skipping, use changepage'",
  'circle',      "die 'skipping, noinfo license, author unfindable'",
+ 'circuit-macros', "die 'skipping, needs m4'",
  'circuit_macros', "die 'skipping, needs m4'",
- 'circuit-macros', "die 'skipping, needs m4'",
  'circuitikz',  "&MAKEcopy",
  'cirth',       "die 'skipping, nosell license'",
  'cjk',         "&MAKEcjk",
@@ -247,6 +250,7 @@
  'clarendo',            "die 'skipping, nonfree font'",
  'classico',            "die 'skipping, nonfree font'",
  'clock',               "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'cm',		"die 'skipping, frozen'",
  'cm-lgc',              "&MAKEcmlgc",
  'cm-super',            "&MAKEflatten",
  'cm-unicode',          "&MAKEflatten",
@@ -258,18 +262,18 @@
  'cmsrb',               "&MAKEflatten",
  'cnbwp',               "&MAKEflatten",
  'cntdwn',              "die 'skipping, author (dps) request'",
+ 'comfortaa',           "&MAKEcopy",
  'comicsans',           "die 'skipping, Comic Sans is nonfree'",
- 'comfortaa',           "&MAKEcopy",
  'comment_io',		"die 'skipping, await request i guess'",
  'committee-font',	"die 'skipping, noinfo license, old Knuthian font'",
  'compact',             "die 'skipping, nonfree license'",
  'computer-typesetting-using-latex',    "die 'skipping, nosource'",
+ 'concmath',            "&MAKEnosymlinks",
  'concmath-fonts',      "&MAKEflatten",
- 'concmath',            "&MAKEnosymlinks",
  'concrete',            "&MAKEflatten",
  'conferences',         "die 'skipping, container directory'",
+ 'context-account',     "&MAKEcopy",
  'context-algorithmic', "&MAKEcopy",
- 'context-account',     "&MAKEcopy",
  'context-animation',   "&MAKEcopy",
  'context-annotation',  "&MAKEcopy",
  'context-bnf',         "&MAKEcopy",
@@ -276,8 +280,8 @@
  'context-chromato',    "&MAKEcopy",
  'context-cmscbf',	"&MAKEcopy",
  'context-cmttbf',	"&MAKEcopy",
+ 'context-construction-plan',"&MAKEcopy",
  'context-cyrillicnumbers',  "&MAKEcopy",
- 'context-construction-plan',"&MAKEcopy",
  'context-degrade',     "&MAKEcopy",
  'context-fancybreak',	"&MAKEcopy",
  'context-filter',      "&MAKEcopy",
@@ -303,10 +307,10 @@
  'context-title',	"&MAKEcopy",
  'context-top-ten',     "die 'skipping, overhaul needed per author'",
  'context-transliterator',      "&MAKEcopy",
+ 'context-typearea',    "&MAKEcopy",
+ 'context-typescripts', "&MAKEcopy",
  'context-urwgaramond', "die 'skipping, nonfree font'",
  'context-urwgothic',   "die 'skipping, nonfree font'",
- 'context-typearea',    "&MAKEcopy",
- 'context-typescripts', "&MAKEcopy",
  'context-vim',         "&MAKEcopy",
  'context-visualcounter',	"&MAKEcopy",
  'cookybooky',  "die 'skipping, requires nonfree emerald fonts'",
@@ -326,8 +330,8 @@
  'csfonts-t1',  "die 'skipping, use cs'",
  'cspsfonts',   "die 'skipping, use cs'",
  'csv2latex',   "die 'skipping, mac only?, ruby + applescript'",
+ 'csvtolatex',  "die 'skipping, w32 only, visual basic'",
  'csvtools',    "die 'skipping, replaced by datatools'",
- 'csvtolatex',  "die 'skipping, w32 only, visual basic'",
  'ctable',      "&MAKEflatten",
  'ctantools',   "die 'skipping, not sure we should usurp the cmd name ctan'",
  'ctib',        "&MAKEflatten",
@@ -350,9 +354,9 @@
  'deproc',      "die 'skipping, for latex 2.09'",
  'designcon',   "die 'skipping, requires nonfree fonts'",
  'detlev-cm',	"die 'skipping, use beamertheme-detlev-cm'",
- 'devanagr',    "&MAKEdevanagr",
  'devanagari',  "die 'skipping, use velthuis'",
  'devanagari-omega', "die 'skipping, author unknown, license unknown'",
+ 'devanagr',    "&MAKEdevanagr",
  'devnag',	"die 'skipping, use velthuis'",
  'dfgproposal', "die 'skipping, replaced by proposal'",
  'diagmac',     "die 'skipping, for latex 2.09 and we have diagmac2'",
@@ -379,13 +383,13 @@
  'dutchcal',    "&MAKEcopy",
  'dvipdfmx-def',"die 'skipping, replaced by graphics-def'",
  'dvisvgm-def', "die 'skipping, replaced by graphics-def'",
+ 'eCards',      "die 'skipping, per author request'",
+ 'ean13isbn',   "&MAKEcopy",
  'easy',        "&MAKEeasy",
  'easylatex',   "die 'skipping, complicated perl modules, sorry'",
- 'ean13isbn',   "&MAKEcopy",
  'ebib',        "die 'skipping, as it is Emacs'",
  'ebong',       "&MAKEflatten",
  'ecards',      "die 'skipping, per author request'",
- 'eCards',      "die 'skipping, per author request'",
  'ecc',         "&MAKEflatten",
  'ecgdraw',	"die 'skipping, need new CTAN update to sync (2017)'",
  'eclbip',      "die 'skipping, use ecltree'",
@@ -435,15 +439,15 @@
  'expressgx',   "&MAKEexpressg",
  'extractpdfmark', "die 'skipping, compiled program'",
  'fac',         "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
+ 'famt',        "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'fancyvrb',    "&MAKEfancyvrb",
  'faq',         "die 'skipping, use FAQ-en'",
  'faq-en',      "die 'skipping, use FAQ-en'",
  'faq-fr',      "die 'skipping, nonfree'",
- 'famt',        "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'fax',         "die 'skipping, nosell license'",
  'fc',          "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'fc-arith',    "die 'skipping, per author request'",
  'fc_arith',    "die 'skipping, per author request'",
- 'fc-arith',    "die 'skipping, per author request'",
  'fetamont',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'fetchbibpes',	"die 'skipping, per author (dps) request'",
  'feynmf',      "&MAKEfeynmf",
@@ -475,8 +479,8 @@
  'frenchb',     "die 'skipping, use babel-french'",
  'frenchle',    "die 'skipping, replaced by e-french'",
  'frenchpro',   "die 'skipping, complicated format, filename conflicts'",
+ 'fribidixetex',"die 'skipping, compiled, await request, 2016'",
  'fribrief',    "die 'skipping, nonfree license'",
- 'fribidixetex',"die 'skipping, compiled, await request, 2016'",
  'fullpict',    "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'fundus',      "die 'skipping, use fundus-* names'",
  'fundus-cmoutlines',   "die 'skipping, noinfo license of fonts'",
@@ -493,12 +497,12 @@
  'garamond',    "die 'skipping, nonfree font'",
  'garamondx',   "die 'skipping, nonfree font'",
  'garuda-c90',  "&MAKEgaruda_c90",
- 'georgian',	"die 'skipping, bitstream font licensing missing, complicated'",
  'gene',        "die 'skipping, complicated, some have sources, sorry'",
  'genmisc',     "die 'skipping, too complicated, sorry'",
  'gentium',     "die 'skipping, use gentium-tug'",
  'gentl-gr',    "die 'skipping, nonfree license'",
  'geomsty',     "die 'skipping, nonfree license'",
+ 'georgian',	"die 'skipping, bitstream font licensing missing, complicated'",
  'georgian',    "die 'skipping, babel and other naming problems'",
  'germbib',     "&MAKEgermbib",
  'getargs',	"die 'skipping, obsolete on CTAN'",
@@ -506,8 +510,8 @@
  'gfsbodoni',   "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'gfscomplutum',"&MAKEflatten",
  'gfsdidot',    "&MAKEflatten",
- 'gfscomplutum',"&MAKEflatten",
  'gfsneohellenic', "&MAKEflatten",
  'gfsporson',   "&MAKEflatten",
  'gfssolomos',  "&MAKEflatten",
@@ -528,12 +532,13 @@
  'grtimes',     "die 'skipping, requires nonfree monotype times'",
  'grverb',      "die 'skipping, nonfree restriction on Crete U. Press'",
  'gs1',         "die 'skipping, use GS1'",
+ 'guitbeamer',  "die 'skipping, nonfree'",
  'gurps',	"die 'skipping, Steve Jackson Games restrictions -> nonfree'",
- 'guitbeamer',  "die 'skipping, nonfree'",
  'ha-prosper',  "die 'skipping, use HA-prosper'",
  'hacm',        "&MAKEflatten",
  'harvardkyoto',"die 'skipping, use xetex-devanagari'",
  'he-le-na',    "die 'skipping, nonfree (shareware) license'",
+ 'helvetic',	"die 'skipping, part of urw-base35, frozen'",
  'hexdump',     "die 'skipping, nonfree (probably) license'",
  'hfbright',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'hge',         "die 'skipping, looks nonfree'",
@@ -556,8 +561,8 @@
  'ifmslide',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'ifpdf',       "die 'skipping, use oberdiek'",
  'imprintmtshadow', "die 'skipping, nonfree font support'",
+ 'induni-om',   "die 'skipping, for omega, use of pua?'",
  'indxcite',    "die 'skipping, too old, license suboptimal'",
- 'induni-om',   "die 'skipping, for omega, use of pua?'",
  'interactiveanimation',"die 'skipping, acrobat only'",
  'interactiveplot',	"die 'skipping, acrobat only'",
  'intex',       "die 'skipping, wants autoconfery'",
@@ -581,8 +586,8 @@
  'jfontmaps',   "die 'skipping, use ptex-fontmaps'",
  'jhep',        "die 'skipping, probably nonfree license'",
  'jj_game',     "die 'skipping, requires acrotex'",
+ 'jknappen',    "die 'skipping, use jknapltx'",
  'jkthesis',    "die 'skipping, probably nonfree license, ca.2002'",
- 'jknappen',    "die 'skipping, use jknapltx'",
  'jmakepdfx',   "die 'skipping, non-self-locating java?'",
  'jpgfdraw',    "die 'skipping, requires java'",
  'junicode',    "&MAKEflatten",
@@ -589,9 +594,9 @@
  'kalendar',    "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'kbordermatrix',"die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'kd',          "die 'skipping, too old, too complicated, sorry'",
+ 'kdgcoursetext',       "die 'skipping, confused/nonfree license'",
  'kdgcoursetext',       "die 'skipping, replaced by kdgdocs'",
  'kdgreek',     "die 'skipping, nonfree license'",
- 'kdgcoursetext',       "die 'skipping, confused/nonfree license'",
  'kelly',       "die 'skipping, obsoleted by cbgreek?'",
  'kerkis',      "&MAKEflatten",
  'keyreader',   "&MAKEmv_doctex",
@@ -599,9 +604,9 @@
  'knitting',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'knuth',	"die 'skipping, new top-level web/ dir? copies from sources?'",
  'koi8',        "die 'skipping, ca.1996, noinfo license'",
+ 'koma-script-SFS',     "die 'skipping, use koma-script-sfs'",
  'koma-script-examples-3', "die 'skipping, just have koma-script-examples'",
  'koma-script-examples-4', "die 'skipping, just have koma-script-examples'",
- 'koma-script-SFS',     "die 'skipping, use koma-script-sfs'",
  'kpfonts',		"&MAKEflatten",
  'ktv-texdata',         "&MAKEflatten",
  'kurier',              "&MAKEcopy",
@@ -609,30 +614,30 @@
  'l2a',                 "die 'skipping, another old detex, needs compilation'",
  'l2tabu-it',           "die 'skipping, use l2tabu-italian'",
  'labelcas',		"die 'skipping, obsolete as of 17apr16'",
+ 'labtable',            "die 'skipping, nonfree w32 application'",
  'lamstex',             "die 'skipping, old'",
  'lamstex-index',       "die 'skipping, old'",
- 'labtable',            "die 'skipping, nonfree w32 application'",
  'lastbib',             "die 'skipping, nonfree'",
- 'latex_maker',         "die 'skipping, ruby'",
+ 'latex-base',  	"die 'skipping, use latex'",
+ 'latex-doc',	  	"die 'skipping, use latex'",
  'latex-essential',     "die 'skipping, nonfree'",
  'latex-fonts',         "&MAKEflatten",
- 'latex-base',  	"die 'skipping, use latex'",
- 'latex-doc',	  	"die 'skipping, use latex'",
  'latex-graphics',	"die 'skipping, use graphics'",
  'latex-help-texinfo',  "die 'skipping, use latex2e-help-texinfo'",
  'latex-pro-pragmatiky',    "die 'skipping, no source'",
  'latex-sciences-humaines', "die 'skipping, no source'",
  'latex-tipps-und-tricks',  "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
- 'latex_maker', "die 'skipping, we must not usurp two-character cmd name'",
  'latex2e-help-texinfo-spanish', "die 'sorry, do by hand'",
  'latex2html',  "die 'skipping, not self-locating, needs apache changes'",
  'latex2pdf',   "die 'skipping, too bare-bones'",
  'latex2rtf',   "die 'skipping, no configure or requests, etc.'",
  'latex3',      "die 'skipping, use xpackages'",
+ 'latex_maker',         "die 'skipping, ruby'",
+ 'latex_maker', "die 'skipping, we must not usurp two-character cmd name'",
  'latexdb',     "die 'skipping, needs sql, etc.'",
  'latexmp',     "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'lato',        "&MAKEcopy",
  'layaureo',    "&MAKEflatten",
- 'lato',        "&MAKEcopy",
  'lcircuit',    "die 'skipping, license unknown, too old to investigate'",
  'leawood',     "&MAKEflatten",
  'lecturer',    "&MAKEflatten",
@@ -659,8 +664,8 @@
  'libris',      "&MAKEcopy",
  'lifia-th',    "die 'skipping, ?'",
  'linearA',     "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'lintex',      "die 'skipping, compiled program'",
  'list',      "die 'skipping, part of knuth-local'",
- 'lintex',      "die 'skipping, compiled program'",
  'listofanswers',       "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'literat',     "&MAKEliterat",
  'lithuanian',  "&MAKEflatten",
@@ -727,14 +732,15 @@
  'mathabx-type1',       "&MAKEflatten",
  'mathalfa',	"&MAKEflatten",
  'mathesatz-examples',  "die 'skipping, big'",
+ 'mathexam',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'mathgifg',    "die 'skipping, nonfree font support'",
- 'mathexam',    "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'mathpazo',	"die 'skipping, not ready'",
  'mathpazo',    "&MAKEmathpazo",
  'mathpunctspace', "&MAKEflatten",
  'mathspic',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'mathstone',   "die 'skipping, requires nonfree Stone fonts'",
+ 'mathtex',     "die 'skipping, compiled, cgi, etc.'",
  'matlab',      "die 'skipping, requires nonfree matlab'",
- 'mathtex',     "die 'skipping, compiled, cgi, etc.'",
  'mattex',      "die 'skipping, requires nonfree matlab'",
  'mdwfonts',    "die 'skipping, too many tfm duplicates'",
  'mem',         "die 'skipping, experimental ca.2006'",
@@ -749,8 +755,8 @@
  'metropolis',	"die 'skipping, use beamertheme-metropolis'",
  'mff',         "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'mflogo-font', "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'mfpic',       "&MAKEcopy",
  'mftoeps',     "die 'skipping, bat-only (mirror.ctan.org/graphics/MF-PS)'",
- 'mfpic',       "&MAKEcopy",
  'mh',		"die 'skipping, replaced by breqn and mathtools'",
  'mhs',         "die 'skipping, nomodify license'",
  'mil',         "die 'skipping, have newer'",
@@ -758,10 +764,10 @@
  'milstd',      "die 'skipping, have milstd.sty from logic'",
  'mimetex',     "die 'skipping, CGI'",
  'miniltx',     "die 'skipping, use graphics-pln'",
+ 'minion2newtx',"die 'skipping, requires nonfree minion'",
  'minionpro',   "die 'skipping, requires nonfree minion'",
- 'minion2newtx',"die 'skipping, requires nonfree minion'",
+ 'misc',        "&MAKEmisc",
  'missaali',    "&MAKEflatten",
- 'misc',        "&MAKEmisc",
  'mk',          "die 'skipping, not self-locating, must not usurp two-character cmd name'",
  'mkbangtex',   "die 'skipping, no copyright (and python)'",
  'mkbib',       "die 'skipping, compilcation'",
@@ -791,11 +797,12 @@
  'mx'   ,       "die 'skipping, author does not recommend system install'",
  'mxd',         "die 'skipping, noinfo license, old mongolian'",
  'mxedruli',    "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'na-border',	"die 'skipping, nonfree font'",
  'nanumtype1',  "&MAKEflatten",
- 'na-border',	"die 'skipping, nonfree font'",
  'nassflow',    "die 'skipping, nosell license'",
  'nbaskerv',    "die 'skipping, requires nonfree font'",
  'ncctools',    "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'ncntrsbk',	"die 'skipping, part of urw-base35, frozen'",
  'newalg',      "die 'skipping, noinfo license, 1995'",
  'newproof',    "die 'skipping, use piff'",
  'newsletr',    "&MAKEnewsletr",
@@ -830,12 +837,12 @@
  'onepagem',    "die 'skipping, use piff'",
  'opacity-pro',	"die 'skipping, adobe required (dps)'",
+ 'opensans',    "&MAKEcopy",
  'optima',      "die 'skipping, nonfree font'",
  'osa',         "die 'skipping, relies on endfloat.cfg and non-unique filenames'",
  'osmanian',    "die 'skipping, no good license info'",
  'ot2cyr',      "die 'skipping, nonfree font support'",
  'otfinst',     "die 'skipping, python script, perhaps stale'",
- 'opensans',    "&MAKEcopy",
  'otibet',      "&MAKEflatten",
  'oxford',      "die 'skipping, nosell license'",
  'padauk',	"&MAKEflatten",
@@ -842,6 +849,7 @@
  'pageframe',   "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'pageno',      "die 'skipping, nosell license'",
  'pagesLTS',    "die 'skipping, use pageslts'",
+ 'palatino',	"die 'skipping, part of urw-base35, frozen'",
  'pandora',     "die 'skipping, nosell license'",
  'pandora-latex',       "die 'skipping, pandora is nosell'",
  'pandora-type1',       "die 'skipping, pandora is nosell'",
@@ -872,8 +880,8 @@
  'pgothic',     "die 'skipping, use bookhands'",
  'phaistos',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'philosophers-imprint', "die 'skipping, use philosophersimprint'",
+ 'phonenumbers',"&MAKEflatten",
  'phonetic',    "&MAKEphonetic",
- 'phonenumbers',"&MAKEflatten",
  'physe',       "die 'skipping, noinfo license, c.1992 plain format for physics'",
  'physymb',	"die 'skipping, obsolete per author requests'",
  'phyzzx',      "die 'skipping, noinfo license, c.1988 plain format for physics'",
@@ -883,8 +891,8 @@
  'pinlabel',    "&MAKEnosymlinks",
  'pitthesis',   "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'pl',		"&MAKEflatten",
+ 'pl-qx',       "&MAKEplqx",
  'plain',	"die 'skipping, just plain.tex, rest in knuth-lib'",
- 'pl-qx',       "&MAKEplqx",
  'pointRuler',  "die 'skipping, requires compilation'",
  'poltawski',   "&MAKEcopy",
  'polyglossia-kannada', "die 'skipping, now in polyglossia proper'",
@@ -900,9 +908,8 @@
  'ps4pdf',      "die 'skipping, obsolete'",
  'psfig',       "die 'skipping, nosell license'",
  'psfragx',     "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'psizzl',      "die 'skipping, needs to be its own format-level directory'",
  'pslatex',     "&MAKEpslatex",
- 'psizzl',      "die 'skipping, needs to be its own format-level directory'",
-# 'psnfss',     tds.zip now "&MAKEpsnfss",
  'psnfss-addons',       "die 'skipping, do not understand, sorry'",
  'psnfssx',             "die 'skipping, situation too confused, sorry'",
  'pst-2dplot',  "&MAKEpst",
@@ -909,9 +916,9 @@
  'pst-3d',      "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-3dplot',  "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-abspos',  "&MAKEpst",
+ 'pst-am',      "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-arrow',   "&MAKEpst",
- 'pst-am',      "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-asr',     "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-bar',     "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-barcode', "&MAKEpst",
@@ -924,8 +931,8 @@
  'pst-coil',    "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-contourplot',    "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-cox',     "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'pst-dart',    "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-dbicons', "&MAKEpst",
- 'pst-dart',    "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-diffraction',     "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-electricfield',   "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-eps',     "&MAKEpst",
@@ -941,9 +948,9 @@
  'pst-geo',     "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-geo-compress',    "die 'skipping, in pst-geo, check with hvoss'",
  'pst-geometrictools',	"&MAKEpst",
- 'pst-graphicx',"&MAKEpst",
  'pst-gr3d',    "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-grad',    "&MAKEpst",
+ 'pst-graphicx',"&MAKEpst",
  'pst-jftree',  "&MAKEpst",
  'pst-jtree',   "&MAKEpst",
@@ -996,8 +1003,8 @@
  'pstricks',    "&MAKEpstricks",
  'pstricks-calcnotes',  "die 'skipping, use pstricks_calcnotes'",
+ 'pstricks-examples',   "die 'skipping, ditto'",
  'pstricks-examples-7', "die 'skipping, CTAN suffices for this big package'",
- 'pstricks-examples',   "die 'skipping, ditto'",
  'pstricks-examples-en',"die 'skipping, ditto'",
  'ptmsc',       "die 'skipping, nonfree font'",
  'ptsans',      "die 'skipping, use paratype'",
@@ -1065,8 +1072,8 @@
  'siam',        "die 'skipping, nonfree license'",
  'siggraph',    "die 'skipping, nonfree license'",
  'sikumuna',    "die 'skipping, lyx template'",
+ 'simpsons',    "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'simurgh',     "&MAKEflatten",
- 'simpsons',    "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'skak',        "&MAKEflatten",
  'skeyval',     "&MAKEmv_doctex",
  'slashbox',    "die 'skipping, noinfo license, c.1993'",
@@ -1083,11 +1090,11 @@
  'sprite',      "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
  'sqltex',	"die 'skipping, not self-locating'",
  'ssqquote',    "die 'skipping, nonfree license'",
- 'stix',	"&MAKEflatten",
  'statrep',     "die 'skipping, only for nonfree sas'",
  'staves',      "&MAKEflatten",
+ 'stellenbosch',"&MAKEcopy",
+ 'stix',	"&MAKEflatten",
  'stmaryrd',    "&MAKEflatten",
- 'stellenbosch',"&MAKEcopy",
  'stoneipa',	"die 'skipping, nonfree font support'",
  'streetex',    "die 'skipping, nonfree'",
  'studies-lm',  "die 'skipping, nonfree'",
@@ -1094,6 +1101,7 @@
  'style_showcase',      "die 'skipping, until JimH advises it is a good idea'",
  'svg',		"&MAKEflatten",
  'svjour',      "die 'skipping, license and packaging unclear'",
+ 'symbol',	"die 'skipping, part of urw-base35, frozen'",
  'symbolindex', "die 'skipping, requires binary'",
  't2',          "&MAKEt2",
  'tabbing',     "die 'skipping, use Tabbing'",
@@ -1111,7 +1119,6 @@
  'tex-gpc',		"die 'skipping, alternate implementation'",
  'tex-gyre',            "&MAKEcopy",
  'tex-gyre-math',       "&MAKEflatten",
-# 'tex-refs',   "die 'skipping, no longer maintained'",
  'texdoc',	"&MAKEflatten",
  'texdoctk',    "die 'skipping, moribund, only in tl'",
  'texdraw',     "&MAKEflatten",
@@ -1141,6 +1148,7 @@
  'tikz-sfc',	"&MAKEflatten",
  'time',        "die 'skipping, use piff'",
  'timeline',    "die 'skipping, LaTeX 2.09, never in TL'",
+ 'times',	"die 'skipping, part of urw-base35, frozen'",
  'timescyr',    "die 'skipping, monotype font is nonfree'",
  'timesnew',    "die 'skipping, monotype/ibm font is nonfree'",
  'timing',      "die 'skipping, noinfo license, 1994 mf'",
@@ -1164,6 +1172,7 @@
  'tolkienfonts',"die 'skipping, cannot easily separate free from nonfree fonts'",
  'tpcmfont',    "die 'skipping, ?'",
  'tpic2pdftex', "die 'skipping, in Build/source, not ready'",
+ 'tpx',         "die 'skipping, nosource, Windows'",
  'tr2latex',    "die 'skipping, needs compilation, at least'",
  'tracking',    "die 'skipping, nonfree license'",
  'translation-europecv-de',     "&MAKEnosymlinks",
@@ -1170,7 +1179,6 @@
  'translation-footmisc-de',     "die 'skipping, nocommercial'",
  'translation-pst-jtree-de',    "die 'skipping, nocommercial'",
-# 'tree-dvips', "die 'skipping, noinfo license, latex 2.09'",
  'treesvr',     "die 'skipping, await request, 1995'",
  'trig',	"die 'skipping, core LaTeX'",
  'tugboat-toc', "die 'skipping, nonfree, CTAN enough'",
@@ -1178,7 +1186,6 @@
  'turkishintro',"die 'skipping, nosource'",
  'turnstile',   "&MAKEflatten",
  'turnthepage', "&MAKEflatten",
- 'tpx',         "die 'skipping, nosource, Windows'",
  'txfonts',     "&MAKEflatten",
  'txfontsb',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'txuprcal',     "&MAKEflatten",
@@ -1186,7 +1193,6 @@
  'typedref',    "die 'skipping, nonfree license'",
  'typespec',    "die 'skipping, nonfree font specimens'",
  'uafthesis',   "&MAKEnosymlinks",
- 'urwchancal',  "&MAKEcopy",
  'ucs',         "&MAKEucs",
  'uk-faq',      "die 'skipping, use FAQ-en'",
@@ -1201,15 +1207,17 @@
  'uppunctlm',	"&MAKEflatten",
  'urcls',	"&MAKEflatten",
+ 'urwchancal',  "&MAKEcopy",
  'uspatent',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'util-half',   "die 'skipping, noinfo license, old Knuthian font'",
+ 'utopia',	"die 'skipping, frozen'",
  'utorontothesis',      "die 'skipping, noinfo license, 1997'",
  'utthesis',    "die 'skipping, await request, 1995'",
  'variablelm',  "&MAKEflatten",
  'varioref',    "die 'skipping, use latex[-tds]'",
  'vc',		"die 'skipping, intended per-project use, ctan enough?'",
+ 'vdm',         "die 'skipping, noinfo license, 1994'",
  'vector',      "die 'skipping, noinfo license, 1994'",
- 'vdm',         "die 'skipping, noinfo license, 1994'",
  'velthuis',    "&MAKEflatten",
  'venturisadf', "&MAKEcopy",
  'verdana',     "die 'skipping, support for nonfree font'",
@@ -1247,8 +1255,8 @@
  'xfakebold',	"&MAKEflatten",
  'xfrac',       "die 'skipping, use mh (I think)'",
+ 'xindy-persian',"die 'skipping, do by hand in /texmf-dist/xindy/modules/lang/persian: too painful to preserve rest of xindy'",
  'xinitials',   "die 'skipping, will be in xpackages when ready (Morten says)'",
- 'xindy-persian',"die 'skipping, do by hand in /texmf-dist/xindy/modules/lang/persian: too painful to preserve rest of xindy'",
  'xits',        "&MAKEflatten",
  'xkeyval',     "&MAKExkeyval",
  'xlop',        "&MAKEflatten",
@@ -1267,11 +1275,13 @@
  'yplan',       "&MAKEnosymlinks",
  'yt4pdf',      "die 'skipping, per author (dps) request'",
  'ytex',        "die 'skipping, noinfo license'",
+ 'zapfchan',	"die 'skipping, part of urw-base35, frozen'",
+ 'zapfding',	"die 'skipping, part of urw-base35, frozen'",
  'zefonts',     "die 'skipping, noinfo license'", #&MAKEflatten",
  'zhmakeindex',	"die 'skipping, go seems too much to ask'",
+ 'zhmcjk',      "die 'skipping, sorry, 8000 tfm files, (7feb12)'",
  'zhmetrics',   "&MAKEcopy",
  'zhmetrics-uptex',	"&MAKEflatten",
- 'zhmcjk',      "die 'skipping, sorry, 8000 tfm files, (7feb12)'",
  'zwgetfdate',  "&MAKEcopy",

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