texlive[49219] Master/texmf-dist/scripts/texlive/tlmgr.pl: add

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Thu Nov 22 06:58:42 CET 2018

Revision: 49219
Author:   preining
Date:     2018-11-22 06:58:42 +0100 (Thu, 22 Nov 2018)
Log Message:
add documentation for TEXLIVE_PREFER_OWN

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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/scripts/texlive/tlmgr.pl
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/scripts/texlive/tlmgr.pl	2018-11-22 05:12:37 UTC (rev 49218)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/scripts/texlive/tlmgr.pl	2018-11-22 05:58:42 UTC (rev 49219)
@@ -9733,6 +9733,18 @@
 TL still provides C<wget> binaries for some platforms, so
 some download method should always be available.
+By default, programs provided by the system, i.e., found in the C<PATH> are
+preferred over those shipped with TeX Live. In particular, if C<xz> is found
+in the C<PATH> somewhere, this version is used instead of the one included
+in TeX Live.
+This can create problems with too old systems, and can be overriden by
+setting the environment variable C<TEXLIVE_PREFER_OWN> to 1. In this case
+TeX Live will prefer programs for compressor and downloader as shipped with
+TeX Live over their respective variants provided by the system.

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