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doc: armel-linux removed, also Patrick Bideault for French

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@@ -5285,11 +5285,12 @@
 Live build process, see <a 
 href="http://tug.org/texlive/build.html" class="url" ><span 
-<!--l. 2799--><p class="indent" >   Translators of this manual: Denis Bitouz\xE9 (French), Carlos Enriquez Figueras (Spanish), Jjgod Jiang,
-Jinsong Zhao, Yue Wang, & Helin Gai (Chinese), Nikola Le&#x010D;ić (Serbian), Marco Pallante & Carla Maggi
-(Italian), Petr Sojka & Jan Busa (Czech/Slovak), Boris Veytsman (Russian), Zofia Walczak (Polish), Uwe
-Ziegenhagen (German). The <span class="TEX">T<span 
-class="E">E</span>X</span> Live documentation web page is <a 
+<!--l. 2799--><p class="indent" >   Translators of this manual: Denis Bitouz\xE9 & Patrick Bideault (French), Carlos Enriquez Figueras
+(Spanish), Jjgod Jiang, Jinsong Zhao, Yue Wang, & Helin Gai (Chinese), Nikola Le&#x010D;ić (Serbian), Marco
+Pallante & Carla Maggi (Italian), Petr Sojka & Jan Busa (Czech/Slovak), Boris Veytsman (Russian),
+Zofia Walczak (Polish), Uwe Ziegenhagen (German). The <span class="TEX">T<span 
+class="E">E</span>X</span> Live documentation web page is
 href="http://tug.org/texlive/doc.html" class="url" ><span 
 <!--l. 2811--><p class="indent" >   Of course the most important acknowledgement must go to Donald Knuth, first for inventing <span class="TEX">T<span 
@@ -5315,10 +5316,10 @@
 class="ec-lmri-10">Directory Structure </span>(<a 
 href="http://tug.org/tds" class="url" ><span 
 class="ec-lmtt-10">http://tug.org/tds</span></a>), which specified how
 to create consistent and manageable collections of <span class="TEX">T<span 
 class="E">E</span>X</span> support files. A complete draft of the TDS was
 published in the December 1995 issue of <span 
 class="ec-lmro-10">TUGboat</span>, and it was clear from an early stage that one desirable
 product would be a model structure on CD. The distribution you now have is a very direct result of the
@@ -5410,10 +5411,10 @@
      <span class="obeylines-h"><span class="verb"><span 
 class="ec-lmtt-10">^^</span></span></span> notation. In <span class="TEX">T<span 
 class="E">E</span>X</span> Live&#x00A0;7, this translation was dependent on the system locale settings; now,
      locale settings do not influence the <span class="TEX">T<span 
 class="E">E</span>X</span> programs’ behavior. If for some reason you need the
      <span class="obeylines-h"><span class="verb"><span 
 class="ec-lmtt-10">^^</span></span></span> output, rename the file <span class="obeylines-h"><span class="verb"><span 
 class="ec-lmtt-10">texmf/web2c/cp8bit.tcx</span></span></span>. (Future releases will have cleaner ways to
@@ -5526,12 +5527,12 @@
      <span class="LATEX">L<span class="A">A</span><span class="TEX">T<span 
 class="E">E</span>X</span></span>) or equivalent code, because simply testing whether <span 
 class="ec-lmtt-10">\pdfoutput </span>or some other primitive
      is defined is not a reliable way to determine if PDF output is being generated. We made this
      backward compatible as best we could this year, but next year, <span 
 class="ec-lmtt-10">\pdfoutput </span>may be defined even
      when DVI is being written.
      <li class="itemize">pdf<span class="TEX">T<span 
@@ -6546,7 +6547,8 @@
      <ul class="itemize1">
      <li class="itemize">New: <span 
 class="ec-lmtt-10">x86_64-linuxmusl </span>and <span 
+class="ec-lmtt-10">aarch64-linux</span>. Removed: <span 
      <li class="itemize"><span 
 class="ec-lmtt-10">x86_64-darwin </span>supports 10.10–10.13 (Yosemite, El&#x00A0;Capitan, Sierra, and High&#x00A0;Sierra).
@@ -6561,10 +6563,10 @@
 class="ec-lmtt-10">platforms </span>have been removed.
      <li class="itemize">Windows: XP is no longer supported.</li></ul>
-<!--l. 3729--><p class="noindent" >
+<!--l. 3730--><p class="noindent" >
    <h4 class="subsectionHead"><span class="titlemark">9.3   </span> <a 
-<!--l. 3731--><p class="noindent" ><span class="TEX">T<span 
+<!--l. 3732--><p class="noindent" ><span class="TEX">T<span 
 class="E">E</span>X</span> Live is not perfect, and never will be. We intend to continue to release new versions, and would like to
 provide more documentation, more programs, an ever-improved and better-checked tree of macros and fonts,
 and anything else <span class="TEX">T<span 
@@ -6574,16 +6576,16 @@
-<!--l. 3738--><p class="indent" >   Please send corrections, suggestions, and offers of help to:
+<!--l. 3739--><p class="indent" >   Please send corrections, suggestions, and offers of help to:
      <div class="quote">
-     <!--l. 3740--><p class="noindent" ><a 
+     <!--l. 3741--><p class="noindent" ><a 
 href="mailto:tex-live at tug.org" ><span class="path"><span 
 class="ec-lmtt-10">tex-live at tug.org</span></span></a> <br 
 class="newline" /><a 
 href="http://tug.org/texlive" class="url" ><span 
-<!--l. 3745--><p class="noindent" ><span 
+<!--l. 3746--><p class="noindent" ><span 
 class="ec-lmro-10">Happy </span><span class="TEX"><span 

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+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/texlive/texlive-en/texlive-en.tex	2018-03-29 22:01:29 UTC (rev 47182)
@@ -2797,7 +2797,7 @@
 Translators of this manual:
-Denis Bitouz\'e (French),
+Denis Bitouz\'e \& Patrick Bideault (French),
 Carlos Enriquez Figueras (Spanish),
 Jjgod Jiang, Jinsong Zhao, Yue Wang, \& Helin Gai (Chinese),
 Nikola Le\v{c}i\'c (Serbian),
@@ -3713,6 +3713,7 @@
 \item New: \code{x86\_64-linuxmusl} and \code{aarch64-linux}.
+Removed: \code{armel-linux}.
 \item \code{x86\_64-darwin} supports 10.10--10.13
 (Yosemite, El~Capitan, Sierra, and High~Sierra).

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