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Date:     2018-03-05 23:13:17 +0100 (Mon, 05 Mar 2018)
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bib2gls (5mar18)

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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/CHANGES
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/CHANGES	2018-03-05 22:11:57 UTC (rev 46849)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/CHANGES	2018-03-05 22:13:17 UTC (rev 46850)
@@ -1,3 +1,13 @@
+v1.3 (2018-03-05):
+   * bug fix: check for quoted path elements (spaces in file names)
+   * bug fix: corrected category={same as base}
+   * bug fix: corrected dual selection
+   * New switch --ignore-packages (-k)
 v1.2 (2018-02-25):
    * New resource options:

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/bib2gls.1
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/bib2gls.1	2018-03-05 22:11:57 UTC (rev 46849)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/bib2gls.1	2018-03-05 22:13:17 UTC (rev 46850)
@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@
 .\" ========================================================================
 .IX Title "BIB2GLS 1"
-.TH BIB2GLS 1 "2018-02-25" "perl v5.18.4" "bib2gls"
+.TH BIB2GLS 1 "2018-03-04" "perl v5.18.4" "bib2gls"
 .\" For nroff, turn off justification.  Always turn off hyphenation; it makes
 .\" way too many mistakes in technical documents.
 .if n .ad l
@@ -230,6 +230,14 @@
 limited number of packages supported by the TeX parser library.
 This option has a cumulative action so \fB\-\-packages wasysym,pifont\fR
 is the same as \fB\-\-packages wasysym \-\-packages pifont\fR.
+.IP "\fB\-\-ignore\-packages\fR \fIlist\fR (or \fB\-k\fR \fIlist\fR)" 4
+.IX Item "--ignore-packages list (or -k list)"
+Don't parse the log file for the packages listed in \fIlist\fR. Note
+that \fB\-\-packages\fR overrides this option, so if the same package is
+listed in both \fB\-\-ignore\-packages\fR and \fB\-\-packages\fR then the
+interpreter will check if it's supported. This option has a
+cumulative action. (The \fBglossaries-extra\fR package can't be
+included in the ignored \fIlist\fR.)
 .IP "\fB\-\-mfirstuc\-protection\fR \fIfields\fR|\fBall\fR (or \fB\-u\fR \fIfields\fR|\fBall\fR)" 4
 .IX Item "--mfirstuc-protection fields|all (or -u fields|all)"
 Insert an empty group if fields start with certain problematic

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/bib2gls.pdf
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/convertgls2bib.1
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/convertgls2bib.1	2018-03-05 22:11:57 UTC (rev 46849)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/convertgls2bib.1	2018-03-05 22:13:17 UTC (rev 46850)
@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@
 .\" ========================================================================
-.TH CONVERTGLS2BIB 1 "2017-11-25" "perl v5.18.4" "convertgls2bib"
+.TH CONVERTGLS2BIB 1 "2018-03-04" "perl v5.18.4" "convertgls2bib"
 .\" For nroff, turn off justification.  Always turn off hyphenation; it makes
 .\" way too many mistakes in technical documents.
 .if n .ad l
@@ -154,6 +154,15 @@
 .IP "\fB\-\-version\fR or \fB\-v\fR" 4
 .IX Item "--version or -v"
 Display version information and exit.
+.IP "\fB\-\-silent\fR" 4
+.IX Item "--silent"
+Suppress all messages except for errors.
+.IP "\fB\-\-verbose\fR" 4
+.IX Item "--verbose"
+Display messages.
+.IP "\fB\-\-debug\fR" 4
+.IX Item "--debug"
+Display debugging messages.
 .IP "\fB\-\-texenc\fR \fIname\fR" 4
 .IX Item "--texenc name"
 Set the character encoding to \fIname\fR for the input \fB.tex\fR files.

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-authors.pdf
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-msymbols.pdf
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-multi1.pdf
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-multi1.tex
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-multi1.tex	2018-03-05 22:11:57 UTC (rev 46849)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-multi1.tex	2018-03-05 22:13:17 UTC (rev 46850)
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
 % style-dependent name format must be set
 % before \GlsXtrLoadResources:
-  \protect\protect\glsabbrvfont{\the\glsshorttok}\space
+  \protect\glsabbrvfont{\the\glsshorttok}\space
@@ -156,6 +156,7 @@
 \gls{specificvolume}, \gls{concentration}, \gls{wavenumber}.
@@ -172,6 +173,7 @@

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-multi2.pdf
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-multi2.tex
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-multi2.tex	2018-03-05 22:11:57 UTC (rev 46849)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-multi2.tex	2018-03-05 22:13:17 UTC (rev 46850)
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@
 % And also the style-dependent name format:
-  \protect\protect\glsabbrvfont{\the\glsshorttok}\space
+  \protect\glsabbrvfont{\the\glsshorttok}\space

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-people.pdf
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-textsymbols.pdf
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-units1.pdf
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-units2.pdf
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-units3.pdf
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/support/bib2gls/examples/sample-usergroups.pdf
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/scripts/bib2gls/bib2gls.jar
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/scripts/bib2gls/convertgls2bib.jar
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/scripts/bib2gls/resources/bib2gls-en.xml
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/scripts/bib2gls/resources/bib2gls-en.xml	2018-03-05 22:11:57 UTC (rev 46849)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/scripts/bib2gls/resources/bib2gls-en.xml	2018-03-05 22:13:17 UTC (rev 46850)
@@ -128,6 +128,9 @@
 <entry key="syntax.packages">{0} <list> or {1} <list>
 			Instruct interpreter to pretend the listed 
 			packages have been used in the document.</entry>
+<entry key="syntax.ignore.packages">{0} <list> or {1} <list>
+			Don''t check the log file for the listed
+			packages.</entry>
 <entry key="message.reading">Reading {0}</entry>
 <entry key="message.writing">Writing {0}</entry>
@@ -140,6 +143,7 @@
 <entry key="message.crossref.found">Entry {0}: found cross-reference ({1}): {2}</entry>
 <entry key="message.crossref.by">Entry {0} cross-referenced by {1}</entry>
 <entry key="message.checking.crossrefs">Checking cross-references for: {0}</entry>
+<entry key="message.field.not.set">Field {0} not set.</entry>
 <entry key="message.dual.dep">Dual found: {0} (primary {1})</entry>
 <entry key="message.added.alias.dep">Adding alias {0} as dependency for {1}</entry>
 <entry key="message.added.dep">Added dependent: {0}</entry>
@@ -489,4 +493,32 @@
 <entry key="bibtex.error.too_many_commas">Too many commas in name ''{0}''</entry>
 <entry key="bibtex.error.string_name_undefined">String name ''{0}'' undefined</entry>
 <entry key="bibtex.error.repeated_entry">Repeated entry ''{0}''</entry>
+<!--  Package messages -->
+<!-- probsoln messages -->
+<entry key="probsoln.no_such_db">ProbSoln database ''{0}'' doesn''t exist.</entry>
+<entry key="probsoln.no_such_entry_in_db">Entry ''{0}'' doesn''t exist in ProbSoln database '{1}'.</entry>
+<entry key="probsoln.db_exists">ProbSoln database ''{0}'' already exists.</entry>
+<entry key="probsoln.request_args">Problem ''{0}'' (in database ''{1}'') requires {2} arguments. Please specify</entry>
+<entry key="probsoln.request_arg">Problem ''{0}'' (in database ''{1}'') requires 1 argument. Please specify</entry>
+<!-- datatool messages -->
+<entry key="datatool.db_exists">Database ''{0}'' already exists.</entry>
+<entry key="datatool.db_doesnt_exist">Database ''{0}'' doesn''t exist.</entry>
+<entry key="datatool.mismatched">Unmatched ''{0}'' (ended with ''{1}'').</entry>
+<entry key="datatool.invalid.header">Invalid header specs ''{0}''.</entry>
+<entry key="datatool.invalid.contents">Invalid contents specs ''{0}''.</entry>
+<entry key="datatool.header.exists">Header ''{0}'' already exists.</entry>
+<entry key="datatool.header.doesnt_exist">Header ''{0}'' doesn''t exist.</entry>
+<entry key="datatool.row.not.found">Row index ''{0}'' doesn''t exist.</entry>
+<entry key="datatool.loaddb.message">Database ''{0}'' loaded from ''{1}'' (column count={2}, row count={3}).</entry>
+<!--  ifthen messages -->
+<entry key="ifthen.invalid.condition">Invalid condition ''{0}''.</entry>

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/scripts/bib2gls/texparserlib.jar
(Binary files differ)

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/bib2gls-src.zip
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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/bib2gls.bib
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/bib2gls.bib	2018-03-05 22:11:57 UTC (rev 46849)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/bib2gls.bib	2018-03-05 22:13:17 UTC (rev 46850)
@@ -749,6 +749,38 @@
+ at dualindexentry{glsexpandfields,
+  name={\csfmt{gls\-expand\-fields}},
+  user1={},
+  description={switches on field expansion},
+  note={provided by \styfmt{glossaries}},
+  category={command}
+ at dualindexentry{glsnoexpandfields,
+  name={\csfmt{gls\-no\-expand\-fields}},
+  user1={},
+  description={switches off field expansion},
+  note={provided by \styfmt{glossaries}},
+  category={command}
+ at dualindexentry{glssetexpandfield,
+  name={\csfmt{gls\-set\-expand\-field}},
+  user1={\margm{field}},
+  description={switches on field expansion for the given field},
+  note={provided by \styfmt{glossaries}},
+  category={command}
+ at dualindexentry{glssetnoexpandfield,
+  name={\csfmt{gls\-set\-no\-expand\-field}},
+  user1={\margm{field}},
+  description={switches off field expansion for the given field},
+  note={provided by \styfmt{glossaries}},
+  category={command}
@@ -841,12 +873,13 @@
- at dualindexentry{glssetexpandfield,
-  name={\csfmt{gls\-set\-expand\-field}},
-  user1={\margm{field}},
-  description={when defining a new entry, the given field should be
-    expanded},
-  note={provided by \styfmt{glossaries}},
+ at dualindexentry{glsxtr at resource,
+  name={\csfmt{glsxtr at resource}},
+  user1={\margm{options}\margm{filename}},
+  description={this internal command is written to the \ext{aux}
+file by \gls{glsxtrresourcefile}
+   to provide \bibgls\ with the resource information},
+  note={internal command provided by \styfmt{glossaries-extra}},
@@ -2456,6 +2489,12 @@
+ at index{makeglossaries-lite,
+  name={\appfmt{make\-glos\-saries\dhyphen lite}},
+  category={application},
+  parent={applications}
@@ -2462,6 +2501,12 @@
+ at index{arara,
+  name={\appfmt{arara}},
+  category={application},
+  parent={applications}
@@ -4332,6 +4377,14 @@
+ at dualindexentry{switch.ignore-packages,
+  name={\longargfmt{ignore-packages}},
+  symbol={\shortargfmt{k}},
+  user1={\meta{list}},
+  category={switch},
+  parent={commandlineoptions}
   name={\longargfmt{mfirstuc\dhyphen protection}},
@@ -4855,6 +4908,24 @@
+ at index{glsxtrautoindexassignsort,
+  name={\csfmt{gls\-xtr\-auto\-index\-assign\-sort}},
+  user1={\margm{cs}\margm{label}},
+  description={assigns the sort value for \cs{index} when
+   using auto-indexing},
+  note={provided by \styfmt{glossaries-extra} v1.16+},
+  category={command}
+ at index{glsxtrautoindexentry,
+  name={\csfmt{gls\-xtr\-auto\-index\-entry}},
+  user1={\margm{label}},
+  description={used for the actual value in \cs{index} when
+   using auto-indexing},
+  note={provided by \styfmt{glossaries-extra} v1.16+},
+  category={command}
   user1={\margm{tag}\margm{labels}\margm{location (ignored)}},
@@ -5130,14 +5201,6 @@
- at index{glsnoexpandfields,
-  name={\csfmt{gls\-noexpand\-fields}},
-  user1={},
-  description={don't expand fields when an entry is defined},
-  note={provided by \styfmt{glossaries}},
-  category={command}
@@ -5461,6 +5524,16 @@
+ at index{index,
+  name={\csfmt{index}},
+  user1={\margm{text}},
+  description={indexes the given term by writing the relevant
+information to an associated file that can then be processed
+by \gls{makeindex} or \gls{xindy}},
+  note={kernel command},
+  category={command}
@@ -5470,6 +5543,16 @@
+ at index{@istfilename,
+  name={\csfmt{@istfilename}},
+  user1={\margm{filename}},
+  description={identifies the style file in the \ext{aux}
+   file for the benefit of external tools like 
+    \idx{makeglossaries} and \idx{makeglossaries-lite}},
+  note={provided by \styfmt{glossaries}},
+  category={command}
@@ -6588,6 +6671,14 @@
+ at index{usepackage,
+  name={\csfmt{use\-pack\-age}},
+  user1={\oargm{options}\margm{name}\oargm{min version}},
+  description={loads the package identified by \meta{name}},
+  note={kernel command},
+  category={command}
   user1={\margm{CJK characters}},

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/bib2gls.pod
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/bib2gls.pod	2018-03-05 22:11:57 UTC (rev 46849)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/bib2gls.pod	2018-03-05 22:13:17 UTC (rev 46850)
@@ -114,6 +114,15 @@
 This option has a cumulative action so B<--packages wasysym,pifont>
 is the same as B<--packages wasysym --packages pifont>.
+=item B<--ignore-packages> I<list> (or B<-k> I<list>)
+Don't parse the log file for the packages listed in I<list>. Note
+that B<--packages> overrides this option, so if the same package is
+listed in both B<--ignore-packages> and B<--packages> then the
+interpreter will check if it's supported. This option has a
+cumulative action. (The B<glossaries-extra> package can't be
+included in the ignored I<list>.)
 =item B<--mfirstuc-protection> I<fields>|B<all> (or B<-u> I<fields>|B<all>)
 Insert an empty group if fields start with certain problematic

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/bib2gls.tex
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/bib2gls.tex	2018-03-05 22:11:57 UTC (rev 46849)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/bib2gls.tex	2018-03-05 22:13:17 UTC (rev 46850)
@@ -1155,6 +1155,71 @@
 stage~4 are processed in separate loops, otherwise they are
 processed in the same loop.
+The dual index entries such as \atentry{dualindexentry} (described in
+\sectionref{sec:dualentry}) are designed to provide a way of
+including an entry in both a glossary (with a description) and also
+include the term (without the description) in an index.  Additional
+terms that should only appear in the index can be defined with
+\atentry{index}.  (See, for example, the \exfile{sample-multi1.tex}
+and \exfile{sample-multi2.tex} sample files.)
+Although \bibgls\ is designed to create indexes as well as glossary
+lists using the same interface (\cs{gls} etc), it is
+possible to have a mixture of \bibgls\ and \ics{index}. For example:
+\gls{bird}, \gls{html}, $\gls{v}$ and \glspl{goose}.
+If the document is called \filefmt{myDoc.tex} then the document
+build is:
+pdflatex myDoc
+bib2gls myDoc
+pdflatex myDoc
+makeindex myDoc.idx
+pdflatex myDoc
+This requires an additional \LaTeX\ call between \bibgls\ and
+\idx{makeindex} since the entries must be defined before they can be
+indexed (and they can't be defined until \bibgls\ creates the
+associated \ext{glstex} files).
+Note that this method will use the \field{sort} value obtained by \bibgls\
+as the \meta{sort} part within
+Be careful if you use \idx{makeindex} as this can result in Unicode
+characters appearing in the sort value, which \idx{makeindex}
+doesn't support.
+The \meta{actual} part is given by
+(You can change the \meta{sort} and \meta{actual} parts by
+redefining \ics{glsxtrautoindexassignsort} and
+\ics{glsxtrautoindexentry}. See the \sty{glossaries-extra} manual
+for further details.)
 \TeX\ Live come with security settings
@@ -1208,6 +1273,59 @@
 \csopt[Page\dcomma Pages]{loc-prefix}). The default definition of
 \csref{bibglspassim} is also obtained from the resource file.
+\section{Conditional Document Build}
+If you are using a document build method that tries to determine
+whether or not \bibgls\ should be run, you can find the information
+by searching the \iext{aux} file for instances of
+\nosecdef{glsxtr at resource}
+Each instance corresponds to an instance of \gls{glsxtrresourcefile}
+where \meta{filename} is the base name of the \iext{glstex} file
+that \bibgls\ needs to create for this resource set. If the
+\meta{options} part is missing the \csopt{src} option, this also indicates 
+the base name for the \iext{bib} file.
+So the simplest check to determine if \bibgls\ needs to be run is to test
+if the \iext{aux} file contains \gls{glsxtr at resource}. For
+example, with \idx{arara} version 4.0:
+\% arara: bib2gls if found("aux", "glsxtr at resource")
+A sophisticated method could check if
+\meta{filename}\ext{glstex} is missing or is older than the document
+\ext{tex} file for each instance of \gls{glsxtr at resource} found in
+the \ext{aux} file.
+It might also be possible, although far more complex, to
+parse the \meta{options} part in each instance of \gls{glsxtr at resource}
+for \csopt{src} and determine if the corresponding \ext{bib} file or
+files are newer than the \ext{tex} file.
+It's not possible to determine if the location lists require
+updating, just as it's not possible to do this for the table of
+contents, list of figures, list of tables etc. (Or, if it could be
+implemented, the required code would make the document build far more
+In general, the basic algorithm is:
+\item If \gls{glsxtr at resource} is found in the \ext{aux} file then:
+   \begin{enumerate}
+   \item run \bibgls;
+   \item run \LaTeX\ (or PDF\LaTeX\ etc).
+   \end{enumerate}
+\item If \idx{@istfilename} is found in the \ext{aux} file then:
+   \begin{enumerate}
+   \item run \idx{makeglossaries} (or \idx{makeglossaries-lite});
+   \item run \LaTeX\ (or PDF\LaTeX\ etc).
+   \end{enumerate}
+This allows for the \styopt[alsoindex]{record} package option.
 \section{Manual Installation}
 If you are unable to install \bibgls\ through your \TeX\ package
@@ -1349,7 +1467,8 @@
 \isty{wasysym}, \isty{lipsum}, \isty{natbib}, \isty{mhchem}, 
 \isty{bpchem}, \isty{stix}, \isty{textcomp}, \isty{MnSymbol}, 
 \isty{fourier}, \isty{upgreek}, \isty{xspace}, \isty{siunitx}, 
-\isty{fontenc} and \isty{tipa}. If you're wondering about the
+\isty{fontenc} and \isty{tipa}. (You can omit checking for specific
+packages with \longarg{ignore-packages}.) If you're wondering about the
 selection, the \file{texparserlib.jar} library was originally written for
 another application that required support for some of them. There
 are a few other packages that the library supports (see
@@ -1832,7 +1951,8 @@
-will be converted to \hex{207D} (superscript left parenthesis)
+will be converted to \code{\textsuperscript{(2)}}, which consists
+of: \hex{207D} (superscript left parenthesis)
 \hex{00B2} (superscript two) \hex{207E} (superscript right
 parenthesis). If the entire contents of the argument can't be
 represented by Unicode characters, the interpreter uses \verb|<sup>|
@@ -1882,6 +2002,17 @@
 but it happens to have the same name and meaning as a command from
 a package that the interpreter does support.
+This option is cumulative. When the document \iext{log} file is
+parsed for known packages, \bibgls\ will skip the check for any
+listed in \meta{list}. Note that this option simply instructs
+\bibgls\ to ignore the package information in the log file. Any packages
+that are identified with \longarg{packages} will be passed to the
+interpreter if support is available, even if the package is also
+listed in \longargfmt{ignore-packages}.  Note that
+\sty{glossaries-extra} can't be included in the ignored \meta{list}.
 Commands like \ics{Gls} use \ics{makefirstuc} provided by the
@@ -2263,7 +2394,7 @@
 \bibgls\ tries to determine the character encoding to use for the
 output files. If the document has loaded the \isty{inputenc} package then
 \bibgls\ can obtain the value of the encoding from the
-\iext{aux} file. This then needs to be converted to a name
+\iext{aux} file. This is then converted to a name
 recognised by Java. For example, \code{utf8} will be mapped to
 \code{UTF-8}. If the \isty{fontspec} package has been loaded,
 \styfmt{glossaries-extra} will assume the encoding is \code{utf8} and
@@ -2273,8 +2404,28 @@
 operating system's default encoding. If this is incorrect or if
 \bibgls\ can't work out the appropriate mapping then you can specify
 the correct encoding using \longargfmt{tex-encoding} \meta{name}
-where \meta{name} is the encoding name.
+where \meta{name} is the encoding name (such as \code{UTF-8}).
+If you have a problem with non-ASCII characters not displaying
+correctly in your document:
+\item Check that the file encoding of your document \ext{tex} file (or files)
+has been correctly set by your text editor.
+\item Check that your document supports that encoding (for example,
+through the \isty{inputenc} package).
+\item Check \bibgls's transcript file (\ext{glg}) for the line that
+TeX character encoding:
+This should be followed by the encoding used by \bibgls\ when
+creating the \ext{glstex} files. If this is incorrect use
+\item Check that the encoding of the \ext{bib} files (set by your
+text editor or bibliographic management system) matches the encoding
+line in the \ext{bib} file or the \csopt{charset} resource option.
 By default, \gls{newglossaryentry} and similar commands expand field values
@@ -2284,7 +2435,7 @@
 commands are included in the field. 
 The switch \longarg{no-expand-fields} makes \bibgls\ write
-\ics{glsnoexpandfields} to the \iext{glstex} file, which
+\gls{glsnoexpandfields} to the \iext{glstex} file, which
 switches off the expansion.  Since \bibgls\ is simply
 fetching the data from \iext{bib} files, it's unlikely 
 that this automatic expansion is required and since it can
@@ -2293,12 +2444,11 @@
-Don't write \ics{glsnoexpandfields} to the \iext{glstex} file,
+Don't write \gls{glsnoexpandfields} to the \iext{glstex} file,
 allowing fields to expand when the entries are defined.
 Remember that this doesn't include the \field{name}, \field{symbol}
 or \field{description} fields, which need to have their
-expansion switched on with
+expansion switched on with \gls{glssetexpandfield}
 before the entries are defined (that is, before using
@@ -10394,6 +10544,10 @@
 dual entries should be considered mutual dependencies. The default value is
 \csopt[true]{primary-dual-dependency}, which means that if a primary
 has records then the dual is added as a dependency and vice versa.
+The setting \csopt[false]{primary-dual-dependency} can't be used
+with \csopt[none]{dual-sort} or \csopt[use]{dual-sort} (but may be
+used with \csopt[combine]{dual-sort} and \csopt[none]{sort} or
@@ -12682,6 +12836,13 @@
 \item[\longargfmt{no-ignore-sort}] Don't ignore the \field{sort} field.
+\item[\longargfmt{silent}] Suppress all messages except for errors.
+\item[\longargfmt{verbose}] Display messages and warnings (default).
+\item[\longargfmt{debug}] Display debugging messages (stack
+traces and other information in addition to \longargfmt{verbose}).
 \item[\longargfmt{help} or \shortargfmt{h}] Display help message and
 \item[\longargfmt{version} or \shortargfmt{v}] Display version
@@ -12690,7 +12851,10 @@
 This application recognises the commands listed below. Avoid any
 overly complicated code within the \ext{tex} file. The \TeX\ parser
-library isn't a \TeX\ engine!
+library isn't a \TeX\ engine! The \ext{tex} file doesn't need to be
+a complete document, but if you want certain commands recognised
+from packages that the \TeX\ parser library supports, you'll need to
+include \ics{usepackage} in the \ext{tex} file.
 In all cases below, if \meta{\keyvallist} contains
@@ -12722,6 +12886,38 @@
 argument to set the \field{type}. With \bibgls\ you can use the
 \csopt{type} option instead.)
+The base \styfmt{glossaries} package provides:
+If present, this instructs \idx{convertgls2bib} to expand all fields
+except for those explicitly identified by \gls{glssetnoexpandfield}.
+Remember that there are many commands that aren't recognised by
+\idx{convertgls2bib} so it may not be possible to correctly expand
+field values. Conversely, there are some commands that will be
+expanded by \idx{convertgls2bib} that aren't expandable in \TeX\
+(such as \ics{MakeUppercase} and \ics{char}).
+The base \styfmt{glossaries} package provides:
+If present, this instructs \idx{convertgls2bib} to not expand fields
+unless explicitly identified by \gls{glssetexpandfield}.
+The base \styfmt{glossaries} package provides:
+If present, this instructs \idx{convertgls2bib} to expand the
+given field, even if \gls{glsnoexpandfields} has been used.
+The base \styfmt{glossaries} package provides:
+If present, this instructs \idx{convertgls2bib} to not expand the
+given field, even if \gls{glsexpandfields} has been used.
+Unlike the default behaviour with the \sty{glossaries} package, there are no
+fields switched explicitly switched off by default with
 The base \styfmt{glossaries} package provides:
@@ -15537,7 +15733,7 @@
 matches the default \csopt{abbreviation-sort-fallback}.
-  \protect\protect\glsabbrvfont{\the\glsshorttok}\space
+  \protect\glsabbrvfont{\the\glsshorttok}\space
@@ -16410,12 +16606,28 @@
 has provided the \fieldfmt{dual} internal field and set it to the
 corresponding label.
-The complete document code is listed below. The document build is:
+It's sometimes useful for the index to include a reference to the
+term's definition. This can be done by making use of 
+\idx{glsextrapostnamehook}, which can be redefined before the
+glossaries to automatically record each entry:
+This needs to be redefined to ignore its argument before the index,
+to avoid the redundant index record:
+Remember that if any records are added within a glossary, an extra
+\LaTeX\ and \bibgls\ call are required, so the document build is:
 pdflatex sample-multi1
 bib2gls --group sample-multi1
 pdflatex sample-multi1
+bib2gls --group sample-multi1
+pdflatex sample-multi1
+The complete document code is listed below. 
 The resulting document is shown in \figureref{fig:sample-multi1.pdf}
 and \figureref{fig:sample-multi1.pdf2}.
@@ -16464,12 +16676,12 @@
 \newglossary*{information}{Information Symbols}
 \newglossary*{weather}{Weather Symbols}
-Note that this is a total of 15 (including the \code{index})
-glossaries. With the \ics{makeglossaries} method, this would require
-16 write registers (including the write register used to create the
-indexing style file), and a total of $15\times3 + 1 = 46$ associated
-files. (This doesn't include the standard \ext{aux} file and the
-\ext{out} file created by \sty{hyperref}.) With \bibgls, no
+Note that this is a total of 15~glossaries (including the
+\code{index}). With the basic \ics{makeglossaries} method, this would
+require 16 write registers (including the write register used to
+create the indexing style file), and a total of $15\times3 + 1 = 46$
+associated files. (This doesn't include the standard \ext{aux} file
+and the \ext{out} file created by \sty{hyperref}.) With \bibgls, no
 additional write registers are required and the number of associated
 \bibgls\ files is equal to the number of resource commands plus the
 transcript file (in this example, $9+1=10$).
@@ -16623,7 +16835,7 @@
-   chemicalname=description,
+   chemicalname=description
@@ -16636,18 +16848,18 @@
- src={baseunits,derivedunits},
+ \csopt[baseunits,derivedunits]{src},
- field-aliases={
+ \csopt[
- },
- category={measurement},
- type={measurement},
- set-widest,
- symbol-sort-fallback={name},
- save-locations=false
+ ]{field-aliases},
+ \csopt[measurement]{category},
+ \csopt[measurement]{type},
+ \csopt{set-widest},
+ \csopt[name]{symbol-sort-fallback},
+ \csopt[false]{save-locations}
 Here the \field{name} field is obtained from the custom
@@ -16764,7 +16976,7 @@
 \meta{long} (\meta{short}):
-  \protect\protect\glslongfont{\the\glslongtok}\space
+  \protect\glslongfont{\the\glslongtok}\space
@@ -16934,10 +17146,10 @@
-It would be useful to include the page where the entries are defined
-in their corresponding lists. This can be done by redefining the
-general purpose non-category post-name hook
+As with \exfile{sample-multi1.tex}, it would be useful to include
+the page where the entries are defined in their corresponding lists.
+Again this can be done by redefining the general purpose
+non-category post-name hook \ics{glsextrapostnamehook}:

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/convertgls2bib.pod
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/convertgls2bib.pod	2018-03-05 22:11:57 UTC (rev 46849)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/convertgls2bib.pod	2018-03-05 22:13:17 UTC (rev 46850)
@@ -20,6 +20,18 @@
 Display version information and exit.
+=item B<--silent>
+Suppress all messages except for errors.
+=item B<--verbose>
+Display messages.
+=item B<--debug>
+Display debugging messages.
 =item B<--texenc> I<name>
 Set the character encoding to I<name> for the input B<.tex> files.

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/gls2bib-src.zip
(Binary files differ)

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/source/support/bib2gls/src/texparser-src.zip
(Binary files differ)

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