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Thu Jan 18 00:47:05 CET 2018

Revision: 46363
Author:   karl
Date:     2018-01-18 00:47:04 +0100 (Thu, 18 Jan 2018)
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graphics-pln (17jan18)

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Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/plain/graphics-pln/README.txt
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/plain/graphics-pln/README.txt	2018-01-17 23:46:41 UTC (rev 46362)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/plain/graphics-pln/README.txt	2018-01-17 23:47:04 UTC (rev 46363)
@@ -17,8 +17,9 @@
+	       2018/01/16
-Copyright 1995 1996 2016 2017 David Carlisle
+Copyright 1995 1996 2016 2017 2018 David Carlisle
    All the files in this directory may be redistributed and/or modified
    under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License distributed from
@@ -72,14 +73,14 @@
       from a LaTeX document, or if it is produced automatically from
       a drawing tool such as xfig or texcad.
-      picture.tex requires the use of the Standard LaTeX file
-      autopict.sty. To generate this, either run the autoload.ins
-      install file in the main LaTeX distribution, which will make
-      autopict.sty along with some other files (not needed here) or
-      alternatively just obtain obtain ltpictur.dtx and docstrip.tex
-      from the LaTeX distribution, and TeX the file autopict.ins that
-      is included in this distribution.
+      This is a frozen copy of a file that used to be distributed with
+      LaTeX but is no longer needed in that context, it is basocally
+      the source of LaTeX Picture mode from LaTeX in 2014. The
+      original use for this package was to build a latex format in
+      which some environments such as picture and tabbing were not
+      defined by default, to save space if working with TeX on a
+      machine with 640K memory.

Modified: trunk/Master/texmf-dist/tex/plain/graphics-pln/autopict.sty
--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/tex/plain/graphics-pln/autopict.sty	2018-01-17 23:46:41 UTC (rev 46362)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/tex/plain/graphics-pln/autopict.sty	2018-01-17 23:47:04 UTC (rev 46363)
@@ -12,69 +12,349 @@
 %% The LaTeX3 Project and any individual authors listed elsewhere
 %% in this file.
-%% For further copyright information, and conditions for modification
-%% and distribution, see the file legal.txt, and any other copyright
-%% notices in this file.
-%% This file is part of the LaTeX2e system.
-%% ----------------------------------------
-%%   This system is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
-%%   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
-%%   For error reports concerning UNCHANGED versions of this file no
-%%   more than one year old, see bugs.txt.
-%%   Please do not request updates from us directly.  Primary
-%%   distribution is through the CTAN archives.
-%% You are NOT ALLOWED to distribute this file alone.
-%% You are allowed to distribute this file under the condition that it
-%% is distributed together with all the files listed in manifest.txt.
-%% If you receive only some of these files from someone, complain!
-%% Permission is granted to copy this file to another file with a
-%% clearly different name and to customize the declarations in that
-%% copy to serve the needs of your installation, provided that you
-%% comply with the conditions in the file legal.txt.
-%% However, NO PERMISSION is granted to generate or to distribute a
-%% modified version of this file under its original name.
-%% You are NOT ALLOWED to change this file.
-%% If you want to customize this file, it is best to make a copy of
-%% the source file(s) from which it was produced.  Use a different
-%% name for your copy(ies) and modify the copy(ies); this will ensure
-%% that your modifications do not get overwritten when you install a
-%% new release of the standard system.  You should also ensure that
-%% your modified source file does not generate any modified file with
-%% the same name as a standard file.
-%% You can then easily distribute your modifications by distributing
-%% the modified and renamed copy of the source file, taking care to
-%% observe the conditions in legal.txt; this will ensure that other
-%% users can safely use your modifications.
-%% You will also need to produce your own, suitably named, .ins file to
-%% control the generation of files from your source file; this file
-%% should contain your own preambles for the files it generates, not
-%% those in the standard .ins files.
-%% The names of the source files used are shown above.
+%%  Originally generated from the LaTeX sources by docstrip, but
+%%  the relevant guards are no longer in the sources as the autoload
+%%  variant of LaTeX is no longer supported (or needed).
+%%% This file may be distributed under the terms of the LPPL, see
+%%% README.txt for details.
 %%% From File: ltpictur.dtx
+                [2001/08/27 v1.1k Picture mode autoload file]
+  \@ifnextchar({\@picture(#1)}{\@picture(#1)(0,0)}}
+  \@picht#2\unitlength
+  \setbox\@picbox\hb at xt@#1\unitlength\bgroup
+    \hskip -#3\unitlength
+    \lower #4\unitlength\hbox\bgroup
+      \ignorespaces}
+  \egroup\hss\egroup
+    \ht\@picbox\@picht\dp\@picbox\z@
+    \mbox{\box\@picbox}}
+  \@killglue\raise#2\unitlength
+  \hb at xt@\z@{\kern#1\unitlength #3\hss}%
+  \ignorespaces}
+  \@xdim #1\unitlength
+  \@ydim #2\unitlength
+   \@multiput(}
+  \@killglue\@multicnt #3\relax
+  \@whilenum \@multicnt >\z@\do
+    {\raise\@ydim\hb at xt@\z@{\kern\@xdim #4\hss}%
+     \advance\@multicnt\m at ne
+     \advance\@xdim#1\unitlength\advance\@ydim#2\unitlength}%
+  \ignorespaces}
+\gdef\@killglue{\unskip\@whiledim \lastskip >\z@\do{\unskip}}
+\gdef\thinlines{\let\@linefnt\tenln \let\@circlefnt\tencirc
+  \@wholewidth\fontdimen8\tenln \@halfwidth .5\@wholewidth}
+\gdef\thicklines{\let\@linefnt\tenlnw \let\@circlefnt\tencircw
+  \@wholewidth\fontdimen8\tenlnw \@halfwidth .5\@wholewidth}
+\gdef\linethickness#1{\@wholewidth #1\relax \@halfwidth .5\@wholewidth}
+  \leavevmode
+  \vbox\bgroup
+    \baselineskip-\p@\lineskip 3\p@
+    \let\mb at l\hss\let\mb at r\hss
+    \expandafter\let\csname mb@#1\endcsname\relax
+    \let\\\@stackcr
+    \@ishortstack}
+\gdef\@ishortstack#1{\ialign{\mb at l {##}\unskip\mb at r\cr #1\crcr}\egroup}
+\gdef\@istackcr[#1]{\cr\noalign{\vskip #1}\ignorespaces}
+\newif\if at negarg
+\gdef\line(#1,#2)#3{\@xarg #1\relax \@yarg #2\relax
+  \@linelen #3\unitlength
+  \ifdim\@linelen<\z@\@badlinearg\else
+    \ifnum\@xarg =\z@ \@vline
+      \else \ifnum\@yarg =\z@ \@hline \else \@sline\fi
+    \fi
+  \fi}
+  \ifnum\@xarg<\z@ \@negargtrue \@xarg -\@xarg \@yyarg -\@yarg
+  \else \@negargfalse \@yyarg \@yarg \fi
+\ifnum \@yyarg >\z@ \@tempcnta\@yyarg \else \@tempcnta -\@yyarg \fi
+\ifnum\@tempcnta>6 \@badlinearg\@tempcnta\z@ \fi
+\ifnum\@xarg>6 \@badlinearg\@xarg \@ne \fi
+   \setbox\@linechar\hbox{.}%
+   \@badlinearg
+\ifnum \@yarg >\z@ \let\@upordown\raise \@clnht\z@
+   \else\let\@upordown\lower \@clnht \ht\@linechar\fi
+\@clnwd \wd\@linechar
+\if at negarg
+  \hskip -\wd\@linechar \def\reserved at a{\hskip -2\wd\@linechar}%
+     \let\reserved at a\relax
+\@whiledim \@clnwd <\@linelen \do
+  {\@upordown\@clnht\copy\@linechar
+   \reserved at a
+   \advance\@clnht \ht\@linechar
+   \advance\@clnwd \wd\@linechar}%
+\advance\@clnht -\ht\@linechar
+\advance\@clnwd -\wd\@linechar
+\@tempdima\@linelen\advance\@tempdima -\@clnwd
+\@tempdimb\@tempdima\advance\@tempdimb -\wd\@linechar
+\if at negarg \hskip -\@tempdimb \else \hskip \@tempdimb \fi
+\multiply\@tempdima \@m
+\@tempcnta \@tempdima
+\@tempdima \wd\@linechar \divide\@tempcnta \@tempdima
+\@tempdima \ht\@linechar \multiply\@tempdima \@tempcnta
+\divide\@tempdima \@m
+\advance\@clnht \@tempdima
+\ifdim \@linelen <\wd\@linechar
+   \hskip \wd\@linechar
+   \ifdim \@linelen = \z@
+   \else
+     \@picture at warn
+   \fi
+   \else\@upordown\@clnht\copy\@linechar\fi}
+\gdef\@hline{\ifnum \@xarg <\z@ \hskip -\@linelen \fi
+\vrule \@height \@halfwidth \@depth \@halfwidth \@width \@linelen
+\ifnum \@xarg <\z@ \hskip -\@linelen \fi}
+\gdef\@getlinechar(#1,#2){\@tempcnta#1\relax\multiply\@tempcnta 8%
+  \advance\@tempcnta -9\ifnum #2>\z@ \advance\@tempcnta #2\relax\else
+  \advance\@tempcnta -#2\relax\advance\@tempcnta 64 \fi
+  \char\@tempcnta}
+\gdef\vector(#1,#2)#3{\@xarg #1\relax \@yarg #2\relax
+  \@tempcnta \ifnum\@xarg<\z@ -\@xarg\else\@xarg\fi
+  \ifnum\@tempcnta<5\relax
+  \@linelen #3\unitlength
+  \ifdim\@linelen<\z@\@badlinearg\else
+    \ifnum\@xarg =\z@ \@vvector
+      \else \ifnum\@yarg =\z@ \@hvector \else \@svector\fi
+    \fi
+  \fi
+  \else\@badlinearg\fi}
+\gdef\@hvector{\@hline\hb at xt@\z@{\@linefnt
+ \ifnum \@xarg <\z@ \@getlarrow(1,0)\hss\else
+    \hss\@getrarrow(1,0)\fi}}
+\gdef\@vvector{\ifnum \@yarg <\z@ \@downvector \else \@upvector \fi}
+  \@tempcnta\@yarg \ifnum\@tempcnta <\z@ \@tempcnta -\@tempcnta\fi
+  \ifnum\@tempcnta <5%
+    \hskip -\wd\@linechar
+    \@upordown\@clnht \hbox{\@linefnt  \if at negarg
+    \@getlarrow(\@xarg,\@yyarg)\else \@getrarrow(\@xarg,\@yyarg)\fi}%
+  \else\@badlinearg\fi}
+\gdef\@getlarrow(#1,#2){\ifnum #2=\z@ \@tempcnta 27 % '33
+  \else
+  \@tempcnta #1\relax\multiply\@tempcnta \sixt@@n
+  \advance\@tempcnta -9 \@tempcntb #2\relax\multiply\@tempcntb \tw@
+  \ifnum \@tempcntb >\z@ \advance\@tempcnta \@tempcntb
+  \else\advance\@tempcnta -\@tempcntb\advance\@tempcnta 64
+  \fi\fi\char\@tempcnta}
+\gdef\@getrarrow(#1,#2){\@tempcntb #2\relax
+\ifnum\@tempcntb <\z@ \@tempcntb -\@tempcntb\relax\fi
+\ifcase \@tempcntb\relax \@tempcnta 45  % '55
+\ifnum #1<\thr@@ \@tempcnta #1\relax\multiply\@tempcnta
+24\advance\@tempcnta -6 \else \ifnum #1=\thr@@ \@tempcnta 49
+\else\@tempcnta 58 \fi\fi\or
+\ifnum #1<\thr@@ \@tempcnta=#1\relax\multiply\@tempcnta
+24\advance\@tempcnta -\thr@@ \else \@tempcnta 51 \fi\or
+\@tempcnta #1\relax\multiply\@tempcnta
+\sixt@@n \advance\@tempcnta -\tw@ \else
+\@tempcnta #1\relax\multiply\@tempcnta
+\sixt@@n \advance\@tempcnta 7 \fi\ifnum #2<\z@ \advance\@tempcnta 64 \fi
+\gdef\@vline{\ifnum \@yarg <\z@ \@downline \else \@upline\fi}
+  \hb at xt@\z@{\hskip -\@halfwidth \vrule \@width \@wholewidth
+   \@height \@linelen \@depth \z@\hss}}
+  \hb at xt@\z@{\hskip -\@halfwidth \vrule \@width \@wholewidth
+   \@height \z@ \@depth \@linelen \hss}}
+\gdef\@upvector{\@upline\setbox\@tempboxa\hbox{\@linefnt\char 54}%  % '66
+  \raise \@linelen \hb at xt@\z@{\lower \ht\@tempboxa\box\@tempboxa\hss}}
+\gdef\@downvector{\@downline\lower \@linelen
+      \hb at xt@\z@{\@linefnt\char 63  % '77
+      \hss}}
+\gdef\dashbox#1(#2,#3){\leavevmode\hb at xt@\z@{\baselineskip \z at skip
+\lineskip \z at skip
+\@dashdim #2\unitlength
+\@dashcnt \@dashdim \advance\@dashcnt 200
+\@dashdim #1\unitlength\divide\@dashcnt \@dashdim
+\ifodd\@dashcnt\@dashdim \z@
+\advance\@dashcnt \@ne \divide\@dashcnt \tw@
+\else \divide\@dashdim \tw@ \divide\@dashcnt \tw@
+\advance\@dashcnt \m at ne
+\setbox\@dashbox \hbox{\vrule \@height \@halfwidth \@depth \@halfwidth
+\@width \@dashdim}\put(0,0){\copy\@dashbox}%
+\multiply\@dashdim \thr@@
+\setbox\@dashbox \hbox{\vrule \@height \@halfwidth \@depth \@halfwidth
+\@width #1\unitlength\hskip #1\unitlength}\@tempcnta\z@
+\put(0,0){\hskip\@dashdim \@whilenum \@tempcnta <\@dashcnt
+\do{\copy\@dashbox\advance\@tempcnta \@ne }}\@tempcnta\z@
+\put(0,#3){\hskip\@dashdim \@whilenum \@tempcnta <\@dashcnt
+\do{\copy\@dashbox\advance\@tempcnta \@ne }}%
+\@dashdim #3\unitlength
+\@dashcnt \@dashdim \advance\@dashcnt 200
+\@dashdim #1\unitlength\divide\@dashcnt \@dashdim
+\ifodd\@dashcnt \@dashdim \z@
+\advance\@dashcnt \@ne \divide\@dashcnt \tw@
+\divide\@dashdim \tw@ \divide\@dashcnt \tw@
+\advance\@dashcnt \m at ne
+\setbox\@dashbox\hbox{\hskip -\@halfwidth
+\vrule \@width \@wholewidth
+\@height \@dashdim}\put(0,0){\copy\@dashbox}%
+\multiply\@dashdim \thr@@
+\setbox\@dashbox\hbox{\vrule \@width \@wholewidth
+\@height #1\unitlength}\@tempcnta\z@
+\put(0,0){\hskip -\@halfwidth \vbox{\@whilenum \@tempcnta <\@dashcnt
+\do{\vskip #1\unitlength\copy\@dashbox\advance\@tempcnta \@ne }%
+\put(#2,0){\hskip -\@halfwidth \vbox{\@whilenum \@tempcnta<\@dashcnt
+\do{\vskip #1\unitlength\copy\@dashbox\advance\@tempcnta \@ne }%
+\newif\if at ovt
+\newif\if at ovb
+\newif\if at ovl
+\newif\if at ovr
+\gdef\@getcirc#1{\@tempdima #1\relax \advance\@tempdima 2\p@
+  \@tempcnta\@tempdima
+  \@tempdima 4\p@ \divide\@tempcnta\@tempdima
+  \ifnum \@tempcnta >10\relax
+      \@picture at warn
+      \@tempcnta 10\relax
+  \fi
+  \ifnum \@tempcnta >\z@ \advance\@tempcnta\m at ne
+    \else \@picture at warn \fi
+  \multiply\@tempcnta 4\relax
+  \setbox \@tempboxa \hbox{\@circlefnt
+  \char \@tempcnta}\@tempdima \wd \@tempboxa}
+\def\@picture at warn{\@latex at warning{%
+     \string\oval, \string\circle, or \string\line\space
+     size unavailable}}
+\gdef\@put#1#2#3{\raise #2\hb at xt@\z@{\hskip #1#3\hss}}
+\gdef\@oval(#1,#2)[#3]{\begingroup\boxmaxdepth \maxdimen
+  \@ovttrue \@ovbtrue \@ovltrue \@ovrtrue
+  \@tfor\reserved at a :=#3\do{\csname @ov\reserved at a false\endcsname}%
+  \@ovxx
+  #1\unitlength \@ovyy #2\unitlength
+  \@tempdimb \ifdim \@ovyy >\@ovxx \@ovxx\else \@ovyy \fi
+  \advance \@tempdimb -2\p@
+  \@getcirc \@tempdimb
+  \@ovro \ht\@tempboxa \@ovri \dp\@tempboxa
+  \@ovdx\@ovxx \advance\@ovdx -\@tempdima \divide\@ovdx \tw@
+  \@ovdy\@ovyy \advance\@ovdy -\@tempdima \divide\@ovdy \tw@
+  \@circlefnt \setbox\@tempboxa
+  \hbox{\if at ovr \@ovvert32\kern -\@tempdima \fi
+  \if at ovl \kern \@ovxx \@ovvert01\kern -\@tempdima \kern -\@ovxx \fi
+  \if at ovt \@ovhorz \kern -\@ovxx \fi
+  \if at ovb \raise \@ovyy \@ovhorz \fi}\advance\@ovdx\@ovro
+  \advance\@ovdy\@ovro \ht\@tempboxa\z@ \dp\@tempboxa\z@
+  \@put{-\@ovdx}{-\@ovdy}{\box\@tempboxa}%
+  \endgroup}
+\gdef\@ovvert#1#2{\vbox to\@ovyy{%
+    \if at ovb \@tempcntb \@tempcnta \advance \@tempcntb #1\relax
+      \kern -\@ovro \hbox{\char \@tempcntb}\nointerlineskip
+    \else \kern \@ovri \kern \@ovdy \fi
+    \leaders\vrule \@width \@wholewidth\vfil \nointerlineskip
+    \if at ovt \@tempcntb \@tempcnta \advance \@tempcntb #2\relax
+      \hbox{\char \@tempcntb}%
+    \else \kern \@ovdy \kern \@ovro \fi}}
+\gdef\@ovhorz{\hb at xt@\@ovxx{\kern \@ovro
+    \if at ovr \else \kern \@ovdx \fi
+    \leaders \hrule \@height \@wholewidth \hfil
+    \if at ovl \else \kern \@ovdx \fi
+    \kern \@ovri}}
+  \begingroup \boxmaxdepth \maxdimen \@tempdimb #1\unitlength
+   \ifdim \@tempdimb >15.5\p@ \@getcirc\@tempdimb
+      \@ovro\ht\@tempboxa
+     \setbox\@tempboxa\hbox{\@circlefnt
+      \advance\@tempcnta\tw@ \char \@tempcnta
+      \advance\@tempcnta\m at ne \char \@tempcnta \kern -2\@tempdima
+      \advance\@tempcnta\tw@
+      \raise \@tempdima \hbox{\char\@tempcnta}\raise \@tempdima
+        \box\@tempboxa}\ht\@tempboxa\z@ \dp\@tempboxa\z@
+      \@put{-\@ovro}{-\@ovro}{\box\@tempboxa}%
+   \else  \@circ\@tempdimb{96}\fi\endgroup}
+\gdef\@dot#1{\@tempdimb #1\unitlength \@circ\@tempdimb{112}}
+\gdef\@circ#1#2{\@tempdima #1\relax \advance\@tempdima .5\p@
+   \@tempcnta\@tempdima \@tempdima \p@
+   \divide\@tempcnta\@tempdima
+   \ifnum\@tempcnta >15\relax \@tempcnta 15\relax \fi
+   \ifnum \@tempcnta >\z@ \advance\@tempcnta\m at ne\fi
+   \advance\@tempcnta #2\relax
+   \@circlefnt \char\@tempcnta}
+  \ifnum #1=\z@
+      \@ovxx #4\unitlength
+        \advance\@ovxx -#2\unitlength
+        \ifdim \@ovxx<\z@ \@ovxx -\@ovxx \fi
+      \@ovdx #6\unitlength
+        \advance\@ovdx -#4\unitlength
+        \ifdim \@ovdx<\z@ \@ovdx -\@ovdx \fi
+        \ifdim \@ovxx<\@ovdx \@ovxx \@ovdx \fi
+      \@ovyy #5\unitlength
+        \advance\@ovyy -#3\unitlength
+        \ifdim \@ovyy<\z@ \@ovyy -\@ovyy \fi
+      \@ovdy #7\unitlength
+        \advance\@ovdy -#5\unitlength
+        \ifdim \@ovdy<\z@  \@ovdy -\@ovdy \fi
+        \ifdim \@ovyy<\@ovdy \@ovyy  \@ovdy \fi
+      \@multicnt
+         \ifdim \@ovxx>\@ovyy \@ovxx \else \@ovyy \fi
+      \@ovxx .5\@halfwidth \divide\@multicnt\@ovxx
+      \ifnum \qbeziermax<\@multicnt \@multicnt\qbeziermax\relax \fi
+  \else \@multicnt#1\relax \fi
+  \@tempcnta\@multicnt \advance\@tempcnta\@ne
+  \@ovdx #4\unitlength \advance\@ovdx -#2\unitlength
+      \multiply\@ovdx \tw@
+  \@ovxx #6\unitlength \advance\@ovxx -#2\unitlength
+      \advance\@ovxx -\@ovdx \divide\@ovxx\@multicnt
+  \@ovdy #5\unitlength \advance\@ovdy -#3\unitlength
+       \multiply\@ovdy \tw@
+  \@ovyy #7\unitlength \advance\@ovyy -#3\unitlength
+      \advance\@ovyy -\@ovdy \divide\@ovyy\@multicnt
+  \setbox\@tempboxa\hbox{%
+            \hskip -\@halfwidth
+            \vrule \@height\@halfwidth
+                   \@depth \@halfwidth
+                   \@width \@wholewidth}%
+   \put(#2,#3){%
+     \count@\z@
+     \@whilenum{\count@<\@tempcnta}\do
+        {\@xdim\count@\@ovxx
+           \advance\@xdim\@ovdx
+           \divide\@xdim\@multicnt
+           \multiply\@xdim\count@
+         \@ydim\count@\@ovyy
+            \advance\@ydim\@ovdy
+            \divide\@ydim\@multicnt
+            \multiply\@ydim\count@
+         \raise \@ydim
+            \hb at xt@\z@{\kern\@xdim
+                        \unhcopy\@tempboxa\hss}%
+         \advance\count@\@ne}}}
 %% End of file `autopict.sty'.

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