texlive[46609] Master/tlpkg/doc/repository-setup.txt: fix some typos

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Mon Feb 12 11:37:52 CET 2018

Revision: 46609
Author:   preining
Date:     2018-02-12 11:37:52 +0100 (Mon, 12 Feb 2018)
Log Message:
fix some typos

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/Master/tlpkg/doc/repository-setup.txt
--- trunk/Master/tlpkg/doc/repository-setup.txt	2018-02-12 06:49:49 UTC (rev 46608)
+++ trunk/Master/tlpkg/doc/repository-setup.txt	2018-02-12 10:37:52 UTC (rev 46609)
@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@
 installation's $TLConfig::ReleaseYear must be in the range 
 If minrelease is not present, the release/NNNN value must exactly 
-match the the TL release number NNNN.
+match the TL release number NNNN.
 For example, you might have:
 	depend release/2010-myorg
 and if your packages work with both TL'09 and TL'10, you could add:
@@ -277,7 +277,7 @@
 Having completed all these steps, you can test your distribution by calling
 the TeX Live Manager with the location argument. Continuing the above
-exmaple we use DEST:
+example we use DEST:
 	tlmgr -location DEST update --list
 	tlmgr -location DEST update --all

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