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Date:     2017-11-10 02:22:25 +0100 (Fri, 10 Nov 2017)
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--- trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/man/man1/tlmgr.1	2017-11-10 01:17:55 UTC (rev 45736)
+++ trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/man/man1/tlmgr.1	2017-11-10 01:22:25 UTC (rev 45737)
@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@
 .\" ========================================================================
 .IX Title "TLMGR 1"
-.TH TLMGR 1 "2017-11-07" "perl v5.26.1" "User Contributed Perl Documentation"
+.TH TLMGR 1 "2017-11-09" "perl v5.26.1" "User Contributed Perl Documentation"
 .\" For nroff, turn off justification.  Always turn off hyphenation; it makes
 .\" way too many mistakes in technical documents.
 .if n .ad l
@@ -657,11 +657,13 @@
 packages' information is listed in \s-1CSV\s0 format one package per line, and the
 column information is given by the \f(CW\*(C`itemN\*(C'\fR. The \f(CW\*(C`depends\*(C'\fR column contains
 the name of all dependencies separated by \f(CW\*(C`:\*(C'\fR.
-In case the only value passed to \f(CW\*(C`\-\-data\*(C'\fR is \f(CW\*(C`json\*(C'\fR, the output is a
+.IP "\fB\-\-json\fR" 4
+.IX Item "--json"
+In case \f(CW\*(C`\-\-json\*(C'\fR is specified, the output is a
 \&\s-1JSON\s0 encoded array where each array element is the \s-1JSON\s0 representation of
 a single \f(CW\*(C`TLPOBJ\*(C'\fR but with additional information. For details see
 \&\f(CW\*(C`tlpkg/doc/JSON\-formats.txt\*(C'\fR, format definition: \f(CW\*(C`TLPOBJINFO\*(C'\fR.
+If both \f(CW\*(C`\-\-json\*(C'\fR and \f(CW\*(C`\-\-data\*(C'\fR are given, \f(CW\*(C`\-\-json\*(C'\fR takes precedence.
 .SS "init-usertree"
 .IX Subsection "init-usertree"
 Sets up a texmf tree for so-called user mode management, either the
@@ -1059,8 +1061,8 @@
 In all cases, one of the repositories must be tagged as \f(CW\*(C`main\*(C'\fR;
 otherwise, all operations will fail!
-.SS "restore [\-\-backupdir \fIdir\fP] [\-\-all | \fIpkg\fP [\fIrev\fP]]"
-.IX Subsection "restore [--backupdir dir] [--all | pkg [rev]]"
+.SS "restore [\-\-json] [\-\-backupdir \fIdir\fP] [\-\-all | \fIpkg\fP [\fIrev\fP]]"
+.IX Subsection "restore [--json] [--backupdir dir] [--all | pkg [rev]]"
 Restore a package from a previously-made backup.
 If \f(CW\*(C`\-\-all\*(C'\fR is given, try to restore the latest revision of all 
@@ -1093,6 +1095,12 @@
 .IP "\fB\-\-force\fR" 4
 .IX Item "--force"
 Don't ask questions.
+.IP "\fB\-\-json\fR" 4
+.IX Item "--json"
+When listing backups, the option \f(CW\*(C`\-\-json\*(C'\fR turn on \s-1JSON\s0 output.
+The format is an array of \s-1JSON\s0 objects (\f(CW\*(C`name\*(C'\fR, \f(CW\*(C`rev\*(C'\fR, \f(CW\*(C`date\*(C'\fR).
+For details see \f(CW\*(C`tlpkg/doc/JSON\-formats.txt\*(C'\fR, format definition: \f(CW\*(C`TLBACKUPS\*(C'\fR.
+If both \f(CW\*(C`\-\-json\*(C'\fR and \f(CW\*(C`\-\-data\*(C'\fR are given, \f(CW\*(C`\-\-json\*(C'\fR takes precedence.
 .SS "search [\fIoption\fP...] \fIwhat\fP"
 .IX Subsection "search [option...] what"
 \fIsearch [\fIoption\fI...] \-\-file \fIwhat\fI\fR
@@ -2007,4 +2015,4 @@
 distribution (<http://tug.org/texlive>) and both are licensed under the
 \&\s-1GNU\s0 General Public License Version 2 or later.
-\&\f(CW$Id:\fR tlmgr.pl 45716 2017\-11\-07 23:44:28Z preining $
+\&\f(CW$Id:\fR tlmgr.pl 45730 2017\-11\-09 06:27:10Z preining $

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