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Sat Jul 1 18:57:33 CEST 2017

Revision: 44734
Author:   hironobu
Date:     2017-07-01 18:57:33 +0200 (Sat, 01 Jul 2017)
Log Message:
makejvf.1: More detailed description

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Modified: trunk/Build/source/texk/makejvf/ChangeLog
--- trunk/Build/source/texk/makejvf/ChangeLog	2017-07-01 14:34:41 UTC (rev 44733)
+++ trunk/Build/source/texk/makejvf/ChangeLog	2017-07-01 16:57:33 UTC (rev 44734)
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
 2017-07-01  Hironobu Yamashita  <h.y.acetaminophen at gmail.com>
+	* makejvf.1: More detailed description in English.
 	* tests/min10.{tfm,vf}: Remove redundant entry JIS 2577.
 	* tests/tmin10.vf, makejvf.test: Correct command-line option.
 	Now all test files are the same with ptex-fonts.

Modified: trunk/Build/source/texk/makejvf/makejvf.1
--- trunk/Build/source/texk/makejvf/makejvf.1	2017-07-01 14:34:41 UTC (rev 44733)
+++ trunk/Build/source/texk/makejvf/makejvf.1	2017-07-01 16:57:33 UTC (rev 44734)
@@ -8,6 +8,52 @@
 \fBmakejvf\fP is a tool to generate Japanese VF file from Japanese \*(TX TFM
 (JFM) file for use with dvips.
+.TP 10
+Condensed ("Cho-tai") mode.
+.TP 10
+\fB-K\fI <TFMfile>\fR
+Name of the PS font TFM for Kana (more exactly, non-Kanji) characters.
+.TP 10
+\fB-b\fI <integer>\fR
+Base line shift amount; the \fIinteger\fR represents a relative value,
+using the character height as a base of 1000.
+When a positive integer is specified, the characters are lowered.
+When a negative integer is specified, the characters are raised.
+.TP 10
+Replace single/double quotation marks (', '') with prime quotation marks
+(so-called "minute") in vertical writing.
+.TP 10
+\fB-a\fI <AFMfile>\fR
+Name of the AFM file. Used for Kana-tsume mode.
+.TP 10
+\fB-k\fI <integer>\fR
+Kana-tsume (narrower spaces between Kana characters) margin amount;
+the \fIinteger\fR represents a relative value, using the character width
+as a base of 1000. This option should be accompanied with \fB-a\fR option.
+.TP 10
+\fB-u\fI <Charset>\fR
+UCS mode. Available charsets are: gb (GB = Simplified Chinese),
+cns (CNS = Traditional Chinese), ks (KS = Korean),
+jis (JIS = Japanese), jisq (JIS quote only).
+.TP 10
+\fB-J\fI <TFMfile>\fR
+JIS encoded PS font TFM name for quote, double quote (with UCS mode)
+.TP 10
+\fB-U\fI <TFMfile>\fR
+UCS encoded PS font TFM name for quote, double quote (with UCS mode)
+.TP 10
+Use set3 (with UCS mode)
+.TP 10
+Use half-width Katakana (with UCS mode)
+.TP 10
+Start font ID from No. 0.
 .TP 5
 If you want to use min10 as Ryumin-Light-H, run

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