[tex-k] Wrong correction in texbook

Wolfgang Helbig helbig at mailbox.org
Fri Mar 5 13:38:08 CET 2021

Hello Igor,

	-\oct{141}--\oct{146}, and \oct{160}--\oct{171} are present and that
	+\oct{136}, \oct{141}--\oct{146}, and \oct{160}--\oct{171} are present and that

	Formally, '136 is not necessary. Previous edition was correct.

	Now, we may declare say '171 to have catcode 7.
	Then we may input all 256 codes. The letter "y", for example,
	is input as "yy9".

This is not the letter but the superscript "y". After your change, you 
cannot use "y" in a control sequence. Better stay with the correction.


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