[tex-k] Prevent "tie" and "ctie" from removing trailing spaces.

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at freenet.de
Fri May 29 10:50:56 CEST 2020

Hi, Igor,

> "tie" and "ctie" remove trailing spaces.

At least TIE seems to do it on purpose (see line 656 of tie.w).

> This presents a problem (e.g., when you want to see a "diff"

Why would that be a problem?  I regularly use 'diff -w' (and 'git diff
-w') for exactly such situations.  (tie.w in the TeX Live source tree
has several end-of-line whitespaces removed compared to the contents of
the 'tie' package from CTAN.)

> Hope these changes will be useful in TL.

I don't think I'd want to change C/TIE in this respect.


PS: What I'd rather want is TIE to preserve comments in the change files
-- at least stuff after '@x' that often hints at the line numbers. In my
CWEBBIN project I make heavy use of TIE to cobble sets of change files
together, but the resulting '*-w2c.ch' files in TeX Live are only useful
for the compiler, not for the human reader.

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