[tex-k] TeXbook: suggestion about "manual.tex"

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Dec 9 23:24:46 CET 2020

    the name confusion with the Text EXecutive processor in Chapter 1,

Even though the Honeywell system is long defunct, the text is still
relevant. Honeywell "TEX" did exist and is a reason why TeX is spelled
the way it is. Not to mention trademark issues, etc.

    and the statement that "videotapes of these courses are available
    for rental" from TUG in Appendix J :)

Well, we do still have some course videotapes in storage, in the
unlikely event that someone really needed them (please don't test us for
the sake of testing, though :). I admit the text could just as well be
deleted from Appendix J, but I don't much want to ask Knuth to spend
time on it.

    If this counts as a bug, the name "letterformat.tex" in Appendix E
    will also count, since the file is distributed as "letter.tex" in
    Knuth's local distribution.

Ok, thanks, will consider.

    > In TeXbook, page 418, it is said about file `manual.tex'.

Indeed, we already accepted the "manual.tex" and "fatal format" reports.


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