[tex-k] Possible error in The TeXbook Chapter 24

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Oct 27 22:40:36 CET 2019

Thanks to both of you.

When I asked him, David Fuchs pointed out that p.268 already states that
there are <optional spaces> before each keyword (such as "true" and
"pt").  Don probably did this exactly so he did not have put <optional
spaces> in zillions of BNF rules. To quote from texbook.tex (Knuth's
markup should be self-explanatory :):

    Letters in typewriter type like `\[pt]' will stand for
    \<optional spaces>\<p or P>\<t or T>,
    where ...

So I think there is no bug to report here after all ... --thanks,karl.

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