[tex-k] Where does conversion of PostScript pts to TeX pts occur?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jan 27 00:05:36 CET 2019

    TexLive, which will include pdftex, 

In principle the original source for pdftex is the pdftex svn repository
("stable" branch) on tug.org (see http://pdftex.org), not the TL
repository, although we often commit to one side or the other and sync
up from time to time.

    is moving to github.

No it isn't. The original source for TL is the svn repository on
tug. There are no plans to change this.

What github has is a mirror of the TL sources (Build/ subtree).
It is updated automatically/often. Commits never flow in the other

    The file you are looking for is

True enough. --best, karl.

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