[tex-k] Compiling TeXLive with Mingw64/Msys2

Fabrice Popineau fabrice.popineau at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 22:44:29 CET 2018


I have tried to compile the dev source tree with Mingw64
and it went almost straight to the end. There are a couple of
small things which would require to be fixed like:
- naming of icu libraries
libicudata.a is expected, but icudt.a is built
libicui18n.a is expected, but libicuin.a is built
- in texk/lcdf-typetools/lcdf-typetools-src/otftotfm/automatic.cc
it is required to include <direct.h> else _mkdir() is not defined
- I had to comment out the declaration of inet_ntop() in

After this, I ran 'make check' and got a few failures.
Some are unimportant : the program running (argv[0]) is reported with
its full path instead of ./ creating a mismatch with what is expected.
I didn't check all of them yet so maybe there are more important ones.

Any similar experiment and report would be welcome.
Are there any problems to expect ?

Regards and merry XMas !

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