[tex-k] texmf.cnf feature request

Linas Stonys lstonys at vtex.lt
Tue Dec 4 09:09:35 CET 2018

I'm working with many different tex source files and usually input
files are somewhere in local directory (and subdirectories).
I've edited texmf.cnf by adding a new variable DOTTEXDIR = .//
to every variable in the place of ".".
Maybe it would be useful for more people.
Could it be implemented in new releases of texlive.

This is an example how could look the default value where it works
the same as it does before:

% Plain TeX.  Have the command tex check all directories as a last
% resort, we may have plain-compatible stuff anywhere.
TEXINPUTS.tex           = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/tex/{plain,generic,}//

% Fontinst needs to read afm files.
TEXINPUTS.fontinst      = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/{tex,fonts/afm}//

% Other plain-based formats.
TEXINPUTS.amstex        = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/tex/{amstex,plain,generic,}//
TEXINPUTS.csplain       = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/tex/{csplain,plain,generic,}//
TEXINPUTS.eplain        = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/tex/{eplain,plain,generic,}//
TEXINPUTS.ftex          = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/tex/{formate,plain,generic,}//
TEXINPUTS.mex           = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/tex/{mex,plain,generic,}//
TEXINPUTS.texinfo       = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/tex/{texinfo,plain,generic,}//
% Other languages.
JAVAINPUTS   = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/scripts/{$progname,$engine,}/java//
PERLINPUTS   = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/scripts/{$progname,$engine,}/perl//
PYTHONINPUTS = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/scripts/{$progname,$engine,}/python//
RUBYINPUTS   = $DOTTEXDIR;$TEXMF/scripts/{$progname,$engine,}/ruby//

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