[tex-k] xdvik problem with automatic pk generation

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Fri Sep 28 22:41:25 CEST 2012

Hi again,

I wanted to reproduce with another font the problem
I looked for large pfb files in 
and identified the DejaVu fonts as potential candidates

Serif goes through so I tried Sans which is bigger:
-rw-r--r--  1 xxx  wheel  691044 13 aou  2011 DejaVuSans.pfb

Here is now the following small tex file:

1 %{\sffamily A}

2 {\sffamily A}

Note that at first line `1' has commented out the sans small A.
Do latex+xdvi. This will generate the pk file for the large
A from DejaVuSans, on line `2'.

Then take out the % on the `1' line. Redo latex+xdvi.
The pk file for the *small* A is generated, *but then* xdvi complains
about a missing large A. 

However the pk file was generated in the previous run!

  total used in directory 96 available 38038108
  drwx-----T  4 xxx  xxxxx    136 Sep 28 22:19 .
  drwx-----T  4 xxx  xxxxx    136 Sep 28 22:06 ..
  -rw-------  1 xxx  xxxxx  19716 Sep 28 22:19 DejaVuSans-tlf-t1--base.540pk
  -rw-------  1 xxx  xxxxx  27184 Sep 28 22:19 DejaVuSans-tlf-t1--base.720pk

If I delete the 540pk file, and comment out the A in line 1, 
I can run xdvi and the large A from 720pk is indeed there

I then remove the % from line 1, re-latex and run xdvi.
It will generate the 540pk file I deleted, display the small A
in line 1 but it will *not* display the large A in line 2.

xdvi-xaw: Warning: Character 65 not defined in font DejaVuSans-tlf-t1--base

If I quit and relaunch dvi, again it complains about a missing 
large A, nevertheless both pk files are there in my /texmf-var!



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