[tex-k] fmtutil problem

Alexey Vikhlinin avikhlinin at cfa.harvard.edu
Sun Apr 8 23:32:02 CEST 2012


I am experience problems with fmtutil on Mac/Lion (texlive-2011). It hangs on one of the kpsewhich calls (the one at the end of the parse_line function).

I've traced the problem to the way tmpdir is set in the 'main' function: on the Lion, TMPDIR is defined by default and it has a slash at the end. E.g. in my case, 

The tmpdir variable becomes 

and this is added in front of the search kpsewhich search path elsewhere in the script. Because it has two backslashes, kpsewhich searches go inside subdirectories in the upper-level folder, /var/folders/_w/v97v_b3j0ljfgby2_bwmb_xm0000ky/T, which contains stuff like Photoshop etc. Kpsewhich then hangs inside one of those folders in which it has no business looking.

Either setting TMPDIR to /var/folders/_w/v97v_b3j0ljfgby2_bwmb_xm0000ky/T  (without a backslash at the end) or removing double backslashes from tmpdir inside the script, e.g. by adding 

  tmpdir=`echo $tmpdir | sed 's/\/\//\//g'`

after tmpdir is set inside the 'main' function, fixes the problem.

Alexey Vikhlinin

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