[tex-k] web2c vs. png-1.5

Thomas Klausner tk at giga.or.at
Mon Jan 31 15:03:22 CET 2011

Hi Peter!

> your patch is now applied to TL SVN (r21237), together with some cleanup of
> png-1.2 cruft.  Thanks for investigating the png_transformations part, that
> kept me from removing the remaining `deprecated' warnings from png-1.4.

Great, thanks.

> I think building pdftex with png-1.5 is by itself not a major problem,
> because (1) the TL tree contains png-1.4 and (2) png-1.5 is a development
> branch.  Building with png-1.5 is, however, very useful in order to avoid
> the kind of problems we had right now with `png_info(img)->bit_depth' and
> such, fields that are obsolete in 1.2, deprecated in 1.[34], and hidden in
> 1.[56].

Just one clarification:
1.5 is the new stable release, replacing 1.4. It seems they're not
following the Linux kernel versioning convention.

> For that reason it would be very nice if you could inform us about any new
> warnings caused by 1.5 and patches in that direction would be apreciated
> (provided they don't break building with 1.4).

I'll do that.


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