[tex-k] Fwd: Re: [metapost] problem with 'dvips mproof'

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Feb 27 20:27:22 CET 2011

(Back on this mail from October.)

    > The problem is that dvips subsets its own fonts without
    > adding a proper subset prefix to the font name, 

I don't doubt that lack of subset tags is a problem.  Unfortunately, a
quick glance at pdftex makes it look like adding subset tags to dvips
will be quite an invasive change, pulling in large hunks of code that
we'll then want to keep in sync, leading to yet more changes, etc.
Aside from whatever dvips-specific changes are needed.

The current situation has been the status quo ever since MetaPost was
created.  So somehow it doesn't seem like it can be urgent, exactly.

Anyway, unless Tom or Akira happen to magically have a large chunk of
time to devote to this, I'll add it to the wish list (tug.org/help.html)
but have my doubts that anything will ever come of it.  Sorry.

    tr> Also, if someone can refer me to a web link or PDF document that
    tr> contains Adobe's recommendation in full on naming subsetted fonts,

Would certainly be nice :).

    >>> BTW, the prologues variable might be confusing 

(Nothing to do with dvips, but anyway ...)  The prologues variable is
definitely confusing, and always has been, in large part because the
original manual was quite vague on the subject.  Is there a clear idea
written down now of what the different values are intended to do?


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