[tex-k] The dvitype utility can't dump XDV files

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Freenet.DE
Thu Oct 14 00:40:23 CEST 2010

Am 13.10.2010 um 16:56 schrieb Peter Breitenlohner:

> did you also change the id_byte at the end, i.e.in the postamble?

No, I did not think of this "doppelte Buchführung". (Changing it  
produces more output and more errors like:

	byte 576 is not postpost!
	bad postamble pointer in byte 577!
	identification in byte 581 should be 2!
	Bad DVI file: signature in byte 582 should be 223!

>> Could dvitype learn to "officially" support XDV files in order to  
>> be able to debug them or compare the output from different XeTeX  
>> versions?
> Possibly, probably as a separate program similar to pdvitype for  
> japanese
> dvi file as produced by pTeX.  As a prerequisite one would need a very
> precise description of the XDV format.

It must be in xetex.ch. There the changed DVI type ID is documented –  
at the beginning of almost 10,000 lines. The most important changes  
are a possible vertical writing direction and that all characters used  
are in UTF-16 encoding – possibly similar to pTeX. Possibly different  
is the use of US-ASCII for recording \special's and font names.

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