[tex-k] The dvitype utility can't dump XDV files

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Freenet.DE
Wed Oct 13 14:08:43 CEST 2010


The disdvi utility can dump the contents of XDV files from XeTeX,  
although not in that detail one might wish. When I try to use dvitype  
('dvitype File.xdv' or 'dvitype File.xdv.dvi' using either the hard  
link or the modified copy) it complains:

	This is DVItype, Version 3.6 (TeX Live 2010)
	Options selected:
	  Starting page = *
	  Maximum number of pages = 1000000
	  Output level = 4 (the works)
	  Resolution = 300.00000000 pixels per inch
	identification in byte 1 should be 2!
	magnification=1000;       0.00006334 pixels per DVI unit
	' XeTeX output 2007.12.22:1710'
	Bad DVI file: ID byte is 5!
	Exit 1

although I changed the second byte in the XDV file from 5 (^E) to 2  

	od -N 32 -t x4 File.xdv.dvi
	0000000          f7020183        92c01c3b        00000000         
	0000020          58655465        58206f75        74707574         
	od -N 32 -t x4 Real.dvi
	0000000          f7020183        92c01c3b        00000000         
	0000020          54655820        6f757470        75742032         

	od -N 32 -t x4 File.xdv
	0000000          f7050183        92c01c3b        00000000         
	0000020          58655465        58206f75        74707574         

Could dvitype learn to "officially" support XDV files in order to be  
able to debug them or compare the output from different XeTeX versions?



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