[tex-k] A problem with mktexdir and another one (bug?) in dvips

Javier Múgica javieraritz at yahoo.es
Thu Dec 20 16:47:22 CET 2007

I've recently installed TeXLive in my computer. I am using Windows. I have made some changes to the standard configuration, with some changes in texmf.cnf. Everything works OK ((pdf)(e)TeX, mf, dvips, mktexlsr, fmtutil ...), but mktexpk does not. When a program needs to create a pk file (dviout or dvips) I get the message

mktexpk: mktexdir {!!c:/Archivos de programa/TeXLive/texmf}/fonts//pk/ljfour/public/cm/ failed.

If I add the option --destdir with an absolute path it works, so the problem is just in mktexdir. Did I touch something in texmf.cnf that I souldn't?

This brings me to another problem. if I enclose the argument of --destdir in double quotes, so that I can include spaces, mktexpk complains about missing arguments. I tried to replace the spaces with %20, but I get it literally in the path.
Why to the programs' help do not tell what to do if your path contains spaces? It would help a lot!

Dvips loads cmr10 instead, the last error message is a Checksum mismatch and proceeds normaly. However, if I add the option -pp 1-20, in order to get a smaller log (just wanted to see the font creation commands), I get the message (the last line is the new one)

dvips: Font xccmi8 not found,  using cmr10 instead.
dvips: Design size mismatch in font xccmi8
dvips: Checksum mismatch in font xccmi8
dvips: ! DVI file contains unexpected Omega command (253)

Is that a bug in dvips?

Thank you for your help,
Javier A.

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