[tex-k] Unsupported extra colon in kpsewhich --expand-path

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Dec 17 02:23:34 CET 2007

    * Basically unknown output format, e.g. path separator.

If all you're complaining about is that the doc doesn't say one way or
another (which I realize is the case), then that is easily solved;
except I don't have any way to try it on Windows.  Does --show-path's
output use ; there?  (I could not quickly tell from the implementation.)

    However it could be part of the solution:

How about describing what the problem is?  It would be nice to have some
understanding of your underlying goals for all these rather intensive
questions.  I gather all this is about Lua access?

    1. A function would be nice that does not concatenate the result,
       but returns an array. Then LuaTeX could return a table.

That sounds easy enough, although if you are potentially accessing mere
"functions", that sounds like you're linking with the library.  In which
case, I don't know why you care about kpsewhich at all, since you
already have access to everything there is.

       Remains the questions about the possible output formats:
       * Preceding '!!'
       * Directory separator?
       * '//'?

I'm sorry, you're being too laconic for me.  What --show-path does is
simply show the actual path that is searched for the given format.  Is
that not what you want?  It comes out of texmf.cnf, basically.

    3. `kpathsea --path' doesn't seem to support '!!'.

I believe you.  Again, I guess I need to understand what you're trying
to do to understand why this matters.  


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