[tex-k] dvips(k) 5.95a BoundingBox

Andrew D. Hwang ahwang at mathcs.holycross.edu
Tue Aug 28 18:39:50 CEST 2007

On Tue, 28 Aug 2007, Akira Kakuto wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Andrew D. Hwang wrote:

>> I'm getting an unexpected BoundingBox in dvips(k) 5.95a. The attached tex
>> file seems to be minimal. When I convert to eps via:
>> latex clip_err.tex
>> dvips -f -o clip_err.ps clip_err.dvi
>> ps2epsi clip_err.ps
>> mv clip_err.epsi clip_err
>> dvips(k) 5.95a generates %%BoundingBox: 164 608 237 609
>> dvips(k) 5.92b generates %%BoundingBox: 128 572 273 717
>> (The latter is as expected.) I haven't checked carefully, but it looks as
>> though 5.95a catches characters, rules, and black ink while 5.92 finds all
>> non-white ink.
> I think that is a feature of "ps2epsi":
> dvips 5.96dev and ps2epsi gives
> %%BoundingBox: 168 608 241 609
> while
> dvips 5.96dev and ps2eps (Ver. 1.61 by Roland Bless) gives
> %%BoundingBox: 132 572 276 717
Dear Kakuto-san,

Thank you for the speedy reply. It occurred to me that ps2epsi was the 
culprit, but the problem persists if I use a "known good" ps2epsi with 
dvips(k) 5.95a, so I assumed (perhaps incorrectly?) the problem was 
elsewhere. In case it's relevant, here's my detailed setup.

The first machine runs GNU/Linux (Mandrake 10.0); dvips(k) 5.92b (the 
original binary RPMs, compiled with gcc-3.3.2). On this machine, the 
BoundingBox is "as expected".

The second runs Mac OS X (Tiger); dvips(k) 5.95a (compiled with Apple's 
port of gcc-4.0.1 from the most recent fink package, ghostscript 8.51-1).
Here, the BoundingBox is "thin".

The GNU/Linux machine's copy of ps2epsi creates a thin BoundingBox on the 
Mac. The Mac's copy of ps2epsi runs with an error on the GNU/Linux machine 
("sed: -e expression #1, char 42: Invalid range end"), but does write the
"expected" BoundingBox.

Since I'm writing software reliant on external ps to eps conversion, I'd 
prefer to use the widely-available ps2epsi than Roland Bless' (arguably 
superior) ps2eps if at all possible. Thank you for the suggestion though, 
and again, thank you for your help.


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