[tex-k] dvips(k) 5.95a BoundingBox

Andrew D. Hwang ahwang at mathcs.holycross.edu
Tue Aug 28 02:19:20 CEST 2007


I'm getting an unexpected BoundingBox in dvips(k) 5.95a. The attached tex 
file seems to be minimal. When I convert to eps via:

latex clip_err.tex
dvips -f -o clip_err.ps clip_err.dvi
ps2epsi clip_err.ps
mv clip_err.epsi clip_err

dvips(k) 5.95a generates %%BoundingBox: 164 608 237 609

dvips(k) 5.92b generates %%BoundingBox: 128 572 273 717

(The latter is as expected.) I haven't checked carefully, but it looks as 
though 5.95a catches characters, rules, and black ink while 5.92 finds all 
non-white ink.


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