[tex-k] Problems with "dvips -P config.foo" and thai fonts

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Dec 22 00:35:50 CET 2005

    $ cat /usr/share/texmf/dvips/config/config.garuda 
    Map +garuda.map

The config.garuda in TeX Live has the single line:
p +garuda.map

`Map' is not a command in dvips config files, it's an updmap thing.

Maybe that's all it is?

More thoughts:

    > In effect, dvips tries to search for "ftnr8z" (e.a.), while I have
    > clearly redirected it to "<norasi.pfb" (e.a.) in the .map files.

Offhand, this would seem to indicate that the .map files are not getting
read.  If you run dvips -d-1 foo.dvi -o, you'll get voluminous output to
stderr saying what files are getting read.

Sorry, I'm a bit confused about the problem.  Are you saying garuda.map
works and norasi.map doesn't?  Or the other way around?  That dvips
tries to run mktexpk instead of downloading the type1 into the output,
or that it does something else?

    Or in other words:  It works when dvips can read the lines from
    psfonts.map, but not from garuda.map when this file is added from

To look at it further, can someone send a dvi file and/or tex source,
preferably referring to just one of the failing fonts, and the dvips
invocation that fails, and the relevant config.* files?  So we can try
to understand and reproduce it ...


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