[tex-k] A quick kpathsea question

Maurizio Loreti maurizio.loreti at pd.infn.it
Fri Dec 9 09:21:25 CET 2005

Hello, a quick question.  On the computers I am sysadm'ing, a couple of 
users now needs tex4ht; I have downloaded the distribution, read the 
instructions, and in these instructions found that I should set TEXINPUTS 
so that tex will know where to look for the tex4ht files.

My users have a TETEXDIR environment variable set, but no TEXINPUTS; so I 
tried to circumvent the problem installing all of the tex4ht files in a 
subdirectory of $TETEXDIR/share/texmf-local/ and running texhash (the 
problem is to tell to 200 users to modify their shell startup files in 
order to define a new environment variable).

But these new files are not found.  It seems that kpsewhich, from kpathsea 
version 3.5.4 (teTeX 3), is looking only for files whose extension is 
inside a known set.  The texmf-local ls-lr file has all my newly added 
files inside, but they are sort of invisible :-(

Does somebody know how to install the tex4ht files in a TETEXDIR tree 
where TEXINPUTS is not defined, so that these files are recognized?

Please, answer by email too because I do not read your lists.

Maurizio Loreti                       http://www.pd.infn.it/~loreti/mlo.html
Un. of Padova, Dept. of Physics - Padova, Italy        loreti at padova.infn.it

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