[tex-k] header special extension proposal

pierre.mackay pierre.mackay at comcast.net
Wed Aug 24 06:15:36 CEST 2005

Hendri Adriaens wrote:

>this is a proposal for an extension of the header special that Karl and I
>have been discussing about lately. We would like to hear your reactions.
>I was building a package that loads an (e)ps figure, embedded in some ps
>code, into the setup section of a ps document, so that the figure can be
>reused in the document, hence getting smaller ps files. This can be very
>useful when a document has, for instance, a logo on every page in the page
>header. Furthermore, presentation packages are well known to generate huge
>ps files, just because of this.
I have gone back to the original query, because I am not sure I entirely 
understand it.  If the need is for something that will be replicated on 
every page, then bophook or eophook already provides for it.  I use 
bophook regularly to timestamp proof copies.  But maybe I am missing 

I have never tried using an \if . . .\fi sequence to trigger the 
insertion of a \special, but since \if ... \fi
is at the mastication level of TeX, it ought to work.  In which case, I 
do not see what the problem is.

If there is a problem integrating a TeX repeated header with a \special, 
then the solution is to have the TeX header leave the necessary space, 
and have the special fill that space.  Painful, but by no means 

But I am not clear that it would even be necessary.  Why would it be 
difficult to define a macro that inserts a \special in every instance of 
a header?  I know I have defined macros that include \specials, and I 
don''t remember that they have caused any serious problems other than 
some tweaking to get the horizontal and vertical spacing right.

I do note that the problem is to get smaller PS files, not smaller DVI 
files.  I guess I don't know how I would go about that even if I were  
programming PS directly.  Bur if it can be done in raw PS files, why is 
it not possible to insert the callout code in a \special?  I know that 
bophook will manage that trick.  I have done it.

Forgive me if I have seriously missed the point.

Pierre MacKay

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